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the Yangtze valley in a sentence

1. Later it became the earliest part of the Yangtze valley to be integrated into the North Chinese cultural sphere.

2. Numerous species of land mammals are found in the Yangtze valley, but most of these are not directly associated with the river.

3. the United Kingdom had influence in Weihaiwei and the Yangtze Valley;

4. Wu controlled all of the Yangtze valley.

5. The monsoon season was disrupted, resulting in overwhelming floods in the Yangtze Valley.

6. Hangzhou's coastal regions and the Yangtze valley were settled in the 4th century by Northern Chinese families from the nobility.

7. Trusting only his family, he made his many sons powerful feudal princes along the northern marches and the Yangtze valley.

8. The nominate subspecies is found in China from the Yangtze valley south to Hainan and Taiwan.

9. These languages were originally spoken in southern China, where the greatest diversity within the family is still found, and possibly as far north as the Yangtze valley.

10. this in the past made the Li and Gui Rivers part of a highly important waterway connecting the Yangtze Valley with the Pearl River Delta.

11. The Yellow River valley in China cultivated millet and other cereal crops by about 7000 BCE, but the Yangtze valley domesticated rice earlier, by at least 8000 BCE.

12. Most rice is grown south of the Huai River, in the Yangtze valley, the Zhu Jiang delta, and in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan provinces.

13. It was part of one of the five transport routes from the Yangtze valley to Nanhai in present-day Guangzhou.

14. Wu planted seeds of rebellion amongst Chu's vassals along the Yangtze valley.

15. In southern China, laurel forest once extended throughout the Yangtze Valley and Sichuan Basin from the East China Sea to the Tibetan Plateau.

16. It is found in the Yangtze valley and the southeastern Jiangxi Province in China.

17. It spread to the Yangtze valley region and later to Japan.

18. The undeclared Second Sino-Japanese War began in July and spread to the Yangtze valley in August–September.

19. It stretches for about 200 km in a roughly southwest-northeast direction between close to Pingjiang in Hunan to the Yangtze valley near Jiujiang.

20. As of 2009, Z-series trains also operated along the Yangtze Valley as well, providing overnight service from Wuhan to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shenzhen.

21. Hwasun Dolmen site is located in the Yangtze Valley, which connects Hyosan-ri, Dogok-myeon, and Dasin-ri, Chunyang-myeon.

22. In the Yangtze valley he founded a theological college for Chinese preachers, which bears his name.

23. He documented the life cycle of the schistosome in Oncomelania, a small brown freshwater snail, which he studied in the rice fields of the Yangtze valley.

24. The monsoon season in China and India was altered, causing flooding in the Yangtze Valley and forcing thousands of Chinese to flee coastal areas.

25. British investment in the Yangtze Valley, including Shanghai, had reached over £200,000,000 by the 1920s.

26. “The Cause of the Riots in the Yangtze Valley”: Missionary Commentary on an Illustrated Anti-Christian Chinese Pamphlet (1891).

27. It is found in China (the Yangtze Valley).

28. This is because tens of millions of people live in the floodplain of the Yangtze valley.

29. Natural disasters and eco-environment in the Yangtze Valley have been restricted and impressed by crustal movement and Qinling-Dabie orogenesis since the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

30. By mid-July, the tsuyu has begun to weaken over Japan, but the mei-yu retains its identity and structure in China, typically lying over the Yangtze valley in July and August.