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the White League in a sentence

1. The White League charged, causing many of Longstreet's men to flee or surrender.

2. The White League was active in Louisiana.

3. These included the White League in Louisiana, and the Red Shirts in Mississippi and the Carolinas.

4. Examples of such groups included the Red Shirts and the White League.

5. Members of the White League were absorbed into the state militias and the National Guard.

6. Kellogg refused and the White League briefly fought a battle resulting in 100 casualties.

7. The White League was effective;

8. These included the White League and Red Shirts.

9. The White League arose in the Red River valley in 1874, first in Grant Parish and nearby parishes.

10. Unlike the secret Ku Klux Klan, the White League operated openly and were more organized.

11. In Coushatta, the White League criticized Republican leadership.

12. The White League disappeared before they came.

13. In 1876 Lynch spoke out against the White League and racial divisions in his state.

14. In Louisiana, the White League had numerous chapters;

15. After one season in the Vale of the White League, Bassett entered the Swindon &

16. As a result, Republican Governor Kellogg was restored to power and the White League disbanded.

17. The White League briefly took over the statehouse and city hall before Federal troops arrived.

18. Learning that federal troops were arriving by ship, the White League forces retreated from the city.

19. The White League refused to count any Republican votes cast.

20. The White League retreated when federal troops entered the city and Kellogg was restored to office.

21. The White League defeated the state militia, inflicting about 100 casualties.

22. Once firing began, however, the police broke and the White League captured one piece of artillery.

23. The White League supported McEnry and prepared to use military force to remove Kellogg from office.

24. The White League resistance collapsed.

25. Examples of such groups included the Red Shirts and the White League.

26. Shippers also revived the White League, a group designed to intimidate black strikers.

27. The White League prevailed at first, occupying the Cabildo and Arsenal for three days —

28. Other white supremacist groups emerged including the White League and the Red Shirts.

29. He was in the White League.

30. The White League is the first of his projected series of New Orleans novels.