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the State Auditor in a sentence

1. In 1835, he was appointed as the state auditor, and served until 1849.

2. Seal of the State Auditor of Vermont.

3. Seal of the State Auditor of Missouri.

4. He had been county Treasurer and the state Auditor of Accounts from 1887 until 1891.

5. The State Auditor is elected and serves a four-year term.

6. Before 1973 the State Auditor approved all executive branch expenditures in advance.

7. In 1973 the responsibilities of the State Auditor were reshuffled.

8. The term of the State Auditor was originally three years.

9. She served as the State Auditor of Missouri from 1984 to 1999.

10. He was the state auditor and later Democratic nominee for Governor of Idaho in 1950.

11. The State Auditor and Inspector must also make other reports as the Governor may direct.

12. The State Auditor and Inspector may employ additional auditors as needed.

13. Seal of the State Auditor of Vermont.

14. He served two terms as the state auditor and failed to win a third nomination.

15. Republicans also won the State Auditor's Race and the Secretary of State's office.

16. The State Auditor of Mississippi has been an elected position in Mississippi since 1817.

17. The state auditor often heads a state agency.

18. The State Auditor is an elected post chosen in partisan elections.

19. Henry Youtsey, the State Auditor of Kentucky, was said to have aided the assassin.

20. Montee argued that the state auditor should be a fiscal expert;

21. Acebo began work in the State Auditor's office in 1961.

22. The state auditor’s recent report on the program is very compelling.

23. Billie S. Farnum, who was the State Auditor General.

24. The State Auditor's office in Arkansas is in charge of an unclaimed property program.

25. Hector Balderas, the State Auditor of New Mexico, was the only Democrat running.

26. In July 2017, the Missouri Alliance for Freedom sued the State Auditor's Office.

27. He is the state auditor of Alabama, serving since 2015.

28. Only Tom Wagner remained as the state auditor.

29. The Iowa State Auditor is the State Auditor of the Government of Iowa, United States.

30. The state auditor found several large bank accounts in Purickis' name.