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the Spanish border in a sentence

1. Louis was in charge of the Spanish border.

2. They crossed the Spanish border, where they bought train tickets to Lisbon.

3. The Habsburgs then fled to the Spanish border, reaching it on 18 May.

4. It is 10 km south of the Spanish border and 22 km south of Verín (Spain).

5. The two crews then set out separately, on foot, for the Spanish border.

6. The handover took place on the Spanish border at Irun-Hendaye.

7. On 19 July 1794 he crossed the Spanish border.

8. This non-toll four-lane highway links Coimbra with the Spanish border in Vila Verde.

9. Tarnos is in the far southwest corner of the department not far from the Spanish border.

10. On 13 October 1808, the regiment crossed the Spanish border.

11. He was sent to St. Cyprien, an internment camp near the Spanish border.

12. All itinerários principais, except IP6 and IP9, are connected with the Spanish border.

13. It is situated 12 km from the Spanish border.

14. It lies east of Céret and north of the Spanish border.

15. It is only about 50 minutes away from the Spanish border.

16. The Spanish border is to the south of the village.

17. The château was a position for monitoring the Spanish border until the French Revolution.

18. Located along the Spanish border, it is Alentejo northernmost subregion.

19. Extending to the Spanish border, the region is flanked on the west by the Lagoa DOC.

20. The Ventominho Wind Farm is located close to the Spanish border in north-western Portugal.

21. To be near the Spanish border Margherita moved with her children to Pau.

22. Even so, it is milder than areas farther inland across the Spanish border.

23. Hayes was moved along an escape line to the Spanish border, arriving in October 1942.

24. It crosses the Spanish border between Hendaye and Irun, where the railway ends.

25. Finally in 1864 the line was extended from Bayonne to the Spanish border town Irun.

26. The line was extended to the Spanish border town Portbou in 1878.

27. The brigade left Paris for Bayonne near the Spanish border on 22 September.

28. He grew up in Póvoa e Meadas, a small village not far from the Spanish border.

29. A town of southwest France near the Bay of Biscay and the Spanish border.

30. It is conveniently close to Beziers Airport about 120 km from the Spanish border.