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the SNCF in a sentence

1. This line is operated by the SNCF.

2. L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre (served by the SNCF).

3. The SNCF Group employs more than 260,000 people.

4. The SNCF has a remarkable safety record.

5. The station still sells tickets for the SNCF.

6. The SNCF Station of Vienne.

7. Much of it still belongs to the SNCF.

8. the SNCF (French Railways): 31,955;

9. The SNCF Class BB 27300 is an electric locomotive.

10. The SNCF is owned by the France state.

11. He was then hired by the SNCF yard at Paris-la-Villette.

12. at the birth of the SNCF.

13. His father was an engineer with the SNCF.

14. They contract with the SNCF for lines exploitation.

15. The SNCF directly manage this class of trains.

16. It is the first of its kind to be operated by the SNCF.

17. The T4 tram-train line is operated by the SNCF.

18. and the SNCF executed operations studies.

19. The SNCF railway has a station here.

20. Traction is provided by the SNCF.

21. The station was closed by the SNCF in the 1990s.

22. The SNCF railways have a station here.

23. The train services are operated by the SNCF.

24. These vehicles are classified by the SNCF as ATER 73500.

25. The SNCF sold the station to a private individual;

26. T 103 and were not part of the SNCF fleet.

27. In 1937, the CF du Nord became part of the SNCF.

28. That order was done by the SNCF in February 2017.

29. Additionally, he built railroad tracks for the SNCF.

30. It is now owned by the SNCF.