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the Revolution of 1933 in a sentence

1. In 1933, France occupied Andorra following social unrest which occurred before elections due to the Revolution of 1933 and the FHASA strikes (Vagues de FHASA);

2. It was made up in February 1934 by many of the same individuals who had brought about the downfall of Gerardo Machado in the previous year to defend the changes caused by the Revolution of 1933.

3. The Partido Auténtico was the most nationalistic of the major parties that existed between the Revolution of 1933 and the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

4. He was a participant of the revolution of 1933, and of the fights against Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista.

5. The Revolution of 1933 is otherwise referred to and known as the "huelgas de FHASA" or the "FHASA strikes".

6. The revolution of 1933 can be seen as a followup to the revolution of 1881.