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the Pale Faces in a sentence

1. Besides the short-lived original Ku Klux Klan, these included the Pale Faces, Knights of the White Camellia, Red Shirts, and the White League.

2. The Pale-faces felt the blow, but knew not whence it came.

3. The Red Man owns the country, and the Pale-faces must never enjoy it. War now!

4. Tamenund prophesies: "The pale-faces are masters of the earth, and the time of the red-men has not yet come again....".

5. Ute history notes that Black Hawk made peace with the "pale-faces" in 1867.

6. and the blood of my forefathers runs through my veins and I am not ashamed to own it; for my forefathers were a noble race before the pale-faces came to possess their lands and homes”. She refused to dishonor her ancestors and leave her children without a home.

7. and when his enemies, the pale faces of the south, made war on him, their young men drew the tomahawk, and protected his head from the scalping knife."

8. I have seen the great houses (ships) which cross the mighty waters, the great villages which have no end where the pale faces swarm like insects in the summer sun.

9. I have seen the evil that a demagogue can do among the pale-faces;

10. She wrote a poem, "Indian Lullaby to the Pale Faces," that he illustrated.