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the NFL in a sentence

1. Each year the NFL refused.

2. Ties are rare in the NFL;

3. the NFL added this in 2015.

4. The NFL appealed the ruling.

5. He never made it into the NFL.

6. The NFL fined him $40,000.

7. I played in the NFL.

8. Jauron chose the NFL.

9. He never returned to the NFL.

10. It's the NFL's policy."

11. Since The NFL Record &

12. He was out of the NFL by 2008.

13. She works for the NFL Network.

14. Stanley returned to the NFL.

15. He would not return to the NFL.

16. The NFL fined Lewis $250,000.

17. He played 3 seasons in the NFL.

18. "The NFL is tough.

19. The NFL Draft was redone.

20. The NFL was founded in 1920.

21. I play in the NFL."

22. the NFL's Quan Cosby;

23. best in the NFL.

24. The NFL drops to ten teams.

25. He played one game in the NFL.

26. It's the NFL's policy.

27. It's the NFL 's policy.

28. he spent 5 seasons in the NFL.

29. Sports app, and the NFL app.

30. televised on the NFL Network.