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the Muslim world in a sentence

1. His work was largely ignored in the Muslim world.

2. The Muslim world was in its Golden Age.

3. This influence carried forward to the Muslim world.

4. Tariqas are spread all over the Muslim world.

5. Reaction to the attacks in the Muslim world was mixed.

6. The literacy rate in the Muslim world varies.

7. (Studied in institutions in the Muslim world.

8. this term is also found elsewhere in the Muslim world.

9. These stories are known throughout the Muslim world.

10. The Muslim world adopted papermaking from China.

11. The Muslim world is going through change and upheaval;

12. Later the Muslim world itself suffered criticism.

13. The Muslim World League (MWL;

14. It also publishes a weekly News of the Muslim World.

15. The technique originated in the Muslim world.

16. The Muslim World Vol.

17. the struggle for balance within the Muslim world;

18. These are commonly used in the Muslim world.

19. Rushdie is a hate figure across the Muslim world.

20. He was one of the three Azams in the Muslim world.

21. women's rights in the Muslim world;

22. the Muslim World, 2003.

23. xvii plus 252 pp. Forthcoming, the Muslim World, 2003.

24. ix plus 215 pp. the Muslim World, 2003.

25. Ummah is the Muslim world.

26. He returned to the Muslim world;

27. It's time we made peace with the Muslim world."

28. these views are controversial in the Muslim world.

29. In the Muslim world many women are taking up surfing.

30. The Muslim world remains divided over the Internet.