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the Miocene in a sentence

1. This probably occurred in the Miocene.

2. The Sea of Japan expanded during the Miocene.

3. The Miocene was named by Charles Lyell;

4. the Miocene a Lower and Upper;

5. The remains date mostly to the Miocene.

6. 2001 Best Novel – The Miocene Arrow.

7. Fossils date to the Miocene.

8. It was formed during the Miocene epoch.

9. Activity began during the Miocene;

10. The chain formed during the Miocene.

11. It is dated to the Miocene.

12. Choristodera went extinct in the Miocene.

13. It lived during the Miocene Epoch.

14. He is an expert in primates of the miocene.

15. the Miocene, 4,000;

16. It is known from the Miocene of California.

17. It is dated to the Miocene.

18. The rock dates from the Miocene.

19. It died out in the Miocene epoch.

20. Fossils of this animal date to the Miocene.

21. It preserves fossils from the Miocene.

22. The fault was active during the Miocene.

23. It is known since the Miocene.

24. The volcano began to form in the Miocene.

25. C. conoidale is from the Miocene of Italy.

26. They lived in the Miocene.

27. The first took place during the Miocene;

28. It lived during the Miocene.

29. It lived in the Miocene period.

30. Both date to the Miocene.