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the Justice Courts in a sentence

1. The syndic Andreu d'Alàs and the General Council organized the creation of the Justice Courts (La Cort de Justicia) in 1433 with the co-Princes and the collection of taxes like foc i lloc (literally fire and site, a national tax active since then).

2. There are three types of general trial courts in Putnam County: the New York Supreme Court, the County Court and the Justice Courts.

3. As of the November 2019 elections, the town supervisors are: There are three types of general trial courts in Rockland County: the New York Supreme Court, the County Court and the Justice Courts.

4. Vehicle and traffic matters, small claims, evictions, civil matters and criminal offenses in Wayne County are heard in locally-funded town and village courts (collectively known as the Justice Courts).

5. He finally returned to Chile in 1818, after independence, and was named Regent of the Justice Courts, a position he held until his death later in the same year, at the age of 78.

6. Poulson also served in other positions under the judicial system: the Board of Justice Court Judges, a member of the Utah Judicial Council for six years, and the education chairman for the Justice Courts for two years.

7. Along with the unusual names for the courts, judges in the Supreme Court and the justice courts are called justices, while in the Court of Appeals and in other courts such as the Family Court, County Court, and Surrogates' courts, they are called judges.

8. He was brought before the Justice Courts by two of his nieces and their husbands, but he died in Madrid before the case was solved, creating some problems afterwards with the numbering of the titles of both Dukedoms since then, as apparently he had been too quick claiming "legal", self-appointed, succession to both Dukedoms.

9. In the justice courts, 59 percent sought no help.

10. In the second half of the twentieth century, justice courts declined, but the circuit courts were not able to handle the volume of cases as quickly as the justice courts.

11. Historically, constables in California were attached to the justice courts, the lowest tier of the state court system (whereas sheriffs served the county superior courts).

12. they also serve as the appellate court for cases decided in the justice courts and municipal courts.

13. The justice courts are courts of limited jurisdiction that hear only minor cases;

14. Like the justice courts, the municipal courts have limited jurisdiction;