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the Islamic Era in a sentence

1. Later generations would count this event, known as the hijra, as the start of the Islamic era.

2. In the Islamic era, education was provided by the mosques and madrassas.

3. The terms "Turk" and "Turanian" became used interchangeably during the Islamic era.

4. The presence of the Persian language and Iranian culture continued after the Islamic era.

5. The Islamic era began in 622.

6. its colophon reveals that it was redacted for the last time hundreds of years before the Islamic Era.

7. In the early years of the Islamic era Qazvin served as a base for the Arab forces.

8. In the Islamic era, Ardashir's Testament was famous and is mentioned in many history and literature books.

9. The third settlement in the history of this valley is the Islamic era.

10. These unorthodox views on the hadith, sharia, and the Islamic era aroused a good deal of unease.

11. Museum of the Islamic Era, part of the National Museum of Iran.

12. A 19th-century hookah, kept at the Museum of the Islamic Era.

13. The Seljuq Gallery of the Museum of the Islamic Era.

14. Most Kedayans have adopted Islam since the Islamic era of the Sultanate of Brunei.

15. It is regarded as one of the masterpieces of Persian architecture in the Islamic era.

16. These cities are the birthplace of the Islamic era Persian literature.

17. Zoroastrianism was one of the dominant religions in Kurdistan before the Islamic era.

18. The current settlement of Alcañiz dates to the Islamic era in Spain.

19. It seems that upper floors of the building have been reconstructed and belong to the Islamic era.

20. Ta'zieh dates from before the Islamic era.

21. Islam is thought to have been present in Southeast Asia from early in the Islamic era.

22. In the Islamic era that detracted from Champa a lot of new superstition appears, such as pocong.

23. The Islamic era at Umm el-Jimal began in 640 when the Rashidun Caliphs took control of the area.

24. During the Islamic era, the city was called "Kasabe Pune".

25. This fortress was built during the Islamic era.

26. Zoroastrianism was one of the dominant religions in Kurdistan before the Islamic era.

27. Only one Salihid, a certain Usāma ibn Zayd al-Salīḥī, attained prominence during the Islamic era.

28. He is dubbed as the mujaddid (renewer of the religion) of the 13th century of the Islamic era.

29. These suggest a continuation of an earlier Hindu-Buddhist period into the Islamic era in Indonesia.

30. and History of Iran in the Islamic Era constituted the first graduate schools of the Institute;