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the Greek encampment in a sentence

1. Angered by this, Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague into the Greek encampment.

2. Meanwhile, Artaxerxes' troops took the Greek encampment and destroyed their food supplies.

3. Although she is now being led through the Greek encampment by Diomedes, surrounded by men, she engages with the men, Ulysses in particular, with defensive banter.

4. When the First Doctor emerges, Achilles believes him to be the God Zeus, in disguise, and brings him to the Greek encampment along with the warrior Odysseus.

5. Some of the surviving soldiers found their way to the Greek encampment and, in response to their news, the remaining Greeks started preparing to attack the Persians.

6. Meanwhile, in the Greek encampment, Cressida's father, Calchas, who has betrayed Troy in order to join the Greeks, asks the Greek general to grant him a favor.

7. He personally held up the battlements and was the first to enter the Greek encampment.