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the French group in a sentence

1. Baker Ltd, Dagenham, Essex – a subsidiary of the French group Rhône-Poulenc.

2. Absolut is a part of the French group Pernod Ricard.

3. The French group performed and recorded typically with only a double bass and drums as accompaniment.

4. 1 March 2006) was a militant in the French group Action directe.

5. The French group is expected to expand its assets in the content industries in the coming year.

6. She sang on Uncovered QOTSA, by Olivier Libaux of the French group Nouvelle Vague;

7. The music was by the French group Le Structure Sonore;

8. In 1939, the French group with the pseudonym Nicolas Bourbaki saw structures as the root of mathematics.

9. The year 2010 was marked by a takeover bid for Zodiac Aerospace by the French Group Safran.

10. The opening show of 2008, Water Fools, was performed by the French group Ilotopie.

11. The French group The Dogs recorded a version in 1979 included in the album Different.

12. The French group Gojira was the second band to perform in Paris on November 7, 2006.

13. The company is owned by the second largest dairy company in the world, the French group Lactalis.

14. The company was purchased by Redcats USA, part of the French group Kering, in November 2007.

15. In 1989, Bassani Ticino joined the French group Legrand, changing its name to BTicino.

16. In 2009, she joined the French group Nouvelle Vague.

17. The channel has been replaced on 7 October 2012 by D17 after being bought by the French group Canal+.

18. Oxbow became an affiliate of the French group Lafuma in 2005.

19. Casa Transports awarded the construction contract to a global group headed by the French group Systra.

20. Unification was discussed between the International and the French group Lutte Ouvriere.

21. "Dernière danse" is a 2003 song by the French group Kyo from their album Le chemin.

22. disability insurance solutions, and a subsidiary of the French Group SIACI SAINT HONORE.

23. He is also artistic director in 2007 of the clip 'once upon a time' of the French group AIR.

24. He appears in the French group The Shoes' 2012 video Time to Dance, with Jake Gyllenhaal.

25. His first professional experience was the single "Pardonne moi" from the French group Soul and R &

26. Since September 2011 it has been owned by the French group CAFOM distribution.

27. In 2000 the takeover attempt of the French group continued.

28. The French group was involved with charity work, worship activities and propaganda efforts.

29. The French group was involved with charity work, worship activities and propaganda efforts.

30. Viollis was part of the French group associated with the World Committee Against War and Fascism.