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the English names in a sentence

1. In these volumes, Darwin coined many of the English names of plants that we use today.

2. Patronyms were sometimes employed within the English names as well by using the father's personal name as the sons' middle name.

3. In the reorganisation, the English names of three of the existing genera were replaced.

4. The English names for the French suits of clubs and spades may simply have been carried over from the older Latin suits.

5. The English names of those players were Joe Crawford, Philip Jackson, Eli Warner, Amos Obediah, Thomas Will.

6. The term is left untranslated in the English names of several Soviet-related concepts.

7. The English names Bay of Borace, Horrus, Baragh and Boruce are all recorded, all references to Burrishoole (Buiríos Umhaill).

8. The English names "bird spider" and "bird-eating spider" and the German name Vogelspinne reflect the Latin name.

9. Peter knows the Irish names for the parts of a ship, but not yet the English names.

10. this surname is pronounced /ˈdʒoʊz/, as in the English names Joseph or Josephine.

11. The name originates from the English names of spider and spiral, because the shape is reminiscent of a spider web.

12. The English names are used in this article, followed by the original Japanese names (when they differ) in parentheses.

13. It is the feminine form of Juan, and thus corresponds to the English names Jane, Janet, Jean, Joan, and Joanna.

14. Typical ranges of the orchestral Guan: Note that the English names for these have yet to be fully standardized worldwide.

15. Takumi personally approved all the English names;

16. These are initialized signs: The hand shape is the initial of one of the English names of the person, usually the first.

17. His sons Wamsutta and Metacom took on the English names of Alexander and Philip, respectively.

18. After the names of CJK strokes are translated into English, first letters of the English names are used in the naming system.

19. In the reorganisation, the English names of three of the existing genera were replaced.

20. Records show that regional authorities asked the local residents to send a list with the English names assigned to each African.

21. Ilaria is an Italian female given name, equivalent to the English names Hilary or Hillary.

22. in this article the English names are used.

23. Septuagint Greek Ἰακώβ and thus a cognate of the English names Jacob and James.

24. French names are included in parentheses next to the English names.

25. The English names given, are translated from Afrikaans, and are not available under those titles.

26. For clarity, the English names for the natural regions are given;

27. The English names of the works are approximate translations and are not published titles of them.

28. The Chinese names (e.g. Jin Yin Dao for Money Island) are simple translations of the English names.

29. In the late 19th century, the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) made an attempt to standardize the English names of birds;

30. Parkes described numerous bird species and worked on a committee to standardize the English names of birds.