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the Eastern Question in a sentence

1. These sentiments would resurface during 1875–1879, when the Eastern Question excited Russian society.

2. The Eastern Question flared up on 2 December 1852, with the Napoleon's coup against the Second Republic.

3. He joined the Eastern Question Association (EQA) and was appointed the group's treasurer in November 1876.

4. and in 1897 a second series dealing with the Eastern question.

5. The war revealed to the world just how important solving the "Eastern Question" was to the stability of Europe;

6. It now became relevant to define the east of the eastern question.

7. Throughout this article Norman uses "Near East" to mean the countries where "the eastern question" applied;

8. The uprising was the starting point of the Great Eastern Crisis, the reopening of the "Eastern Question".

9. The Eastern Question had posed the biggest single foreign policy dilemma in 1877.

10. The Eastern question causes periodical wars.

11. The Eastern Question emerged as the power of the Ottoman Empire began to decline during the 18th century.

12. The Eastern Question did not truly develop until the Russo-Turkish Wars of the 18th century.

13. Napoleon had opposed Russia over the Eastern Question in order to gain the support of Britain.

14. On that occasion, he published an essay "The Serbian Nation and the Eastern Question".

15. When only 11 years old, he wrote a play on "The Eastern Question" from his father's foreign office papers.

16. the Eastern Question;

17. At an early age Kállay manifested a deep interest in politics, and especially in the Eastern Question.

18. "The Eastern Question: Its Facts and Fallacies" appeared in the spring of 1877 and ran through five editions.

19. her diaries contain memoranda on Fenianism and the Eastern Question.

20. The ruling Ottoman siding with Rome over the Orthodox provoked outright war (see the Eastern Question).

21. This fear was known as the Eastern Question.

22. But W Crooke's review surmised that the facts he collected would be helpful to resolve the Eastern Question.

23. As a Greek patriot, he also stressed the link between the Language Question and the Eastern Question.

24. It included the heads of government of the great powers of Europe to discuss the "Eastern Question".

25. He was also Deputy Lieutenant for Ross-shire, and in 1875 published the book The Eastern Question.

26. The ruling Ottoman siding with Rome over the Orthodox provoked out right war (see the Eastern Question).

27. The Eastern Question from 1870 to 1914 was the imminent risk of a disintegration of the Ottoman Empire;

28. Soon, his attention focused on the "Eastern Question".

29. This fear made the Eastern Question a matter of high priority.

30. Subject is the Eastern Question.