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the Cowshed in a sentence

1. The wooden B&ER station was known locally as "The Cowshed";

2. The cowshed and Amrami's "office" are still standing.

3. The "Cowshed" lies to the north of the pitch;

4. Boxer fights in the Battle of the Cowshed and the Battle of the Windmill.

5. In 1639, parts of the allocated land for the cowshed/barn were put up for development.

6. In 1980 a permanent 120-seat stand was built between the Cowshed and the clubhouse;

7. The new stand adjacent to the Cowshed was soon moved to the other end of the pitch.

8. In 2002 Kaye was fined for the renovation and ordered to demolish the cowshed.

9. He started teaching others outside the cowshed where his guru lived.

10. The Cowshed lies to the north of the pitch;

11. In 1979, the terracing on the Cowshed and Paddock was concreted.

12. From the 2000-01 season this became the case, with away fans housed in the Cowshed.

13. The Cowshed houses away fans at Prenton Park, and has a capacity of 2,500.

14. They left the cowshed that they had been defending under a white flag.

15. It has also two public houses, a working men's club and The Cowshed Restaurant.

16. Isaac Menda working at the cowshed, 1935.

17. There were scenes of the killing of pigs, the cowshed and the haystacks.

18. That is, once there was a Cow, which didn't give milk to her owner in the cowshed.

19. Mithilesh responds by obtaining a legal permit to demolish the cowshed.

20. She calls the chief minister, who promptly averts the destruction of the cowshed.

21. Before taking them off the cowshed the owner pays respects to them.

22. The cowshed has been incorporated into the accommodation.

23. It was recorded by Joe Leach at the Cowshed Recording Studio between June and September 2003.

24. Bundles of grass were put along with Diyas on both sides of the entrance of the cowshed.

25. In 1871 the cowshed was rebuilt and in 1865 a bakehouse and a laundry were added.

26. Stein=stone, fjøset=the cowshed.

27. During this time, she was forced to work for 19 hours a day, and she lived in the cowshed.

28. In January 1955, the school started in the cowshed.

29. The cowshed was drenched in blood.

30. you not lit the lamp in the cowshed?