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the Co-Prince in a sentence

1. He was arrested by the Co-Prince and Bishop Justí Guitart i Vilardebó and their authorities on 20 July and ultimately expelled from Spain.

2. As President of France, he also became ex officio the Co-Prince of Andorra.

3. Some other towns in the Province of Lleida are La Seu d'Urgell (see of the archbishop, who is also the co-prince to Andorra), Mollerussa, Cervera, Tàrrega, and Balaguer.

4. Even though they are Catholics, it is not accorded to the Queen of Lesotho or the Princess of Liechtenstein, nor to the wife of the Co-Prince of Andorra.

5. Atenulf III, called Atenulf of Carinola, was the co-prince of Capua and Benevento from 933, when his father, Landulf I, and uncle, Atenulf II, made him so. His younger brother Landulf the Red succeeded co-prince Atenulf in 939 or 940.

6. Pandulf IV (died 7 February 1074) was the co-prince of Benevento with his father Landulf VI from 1056, when his grandfather Pandulf III was still reigning, to his own death in battle before that of his father.

7. Because the Bishop of Urgell, Joan Enric Vives Sicília, is a co-prince of the principality, his approval of legalization would, according to the Pope, result in the co-prince's abdication and withdrawal of support from the Holy See.

8. Agreement regarding the Statute of the Co-Prince Episcopal (1995);

9. In October 2018, Gayte urged France to put pressure on Andorra to allow abortion, using the co-prince function held by the President of the French Republic.

10. On 17 March, the toll of cases rose to 39. The Co-Prince Joan Enric Vives Sicília addressed a special televised message calling for the calm gratitude and collaboration among all.