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the Casino Hotel in a sentence

1. In the capital city there was a smuggling black market network of propaganda, culture and cinematic art not prone to totalitarian regimes, promulgated in some places as the Hotel Mirador or the Casino Hotel, as a meeting place for people of ideologies close to Andorran and Spanish Republicanism, and Free France.

2. The casino hotel features 2,798 rooms and is the largest hotel in New Jersey.

3. Failing to obtain the property in time, the casino-hotel was developed from the existing Park hotel on an $82 million budget by Florida developer Bob Snow in the image of his then-highly successful Orlando attraction, also called Church Street Station, in August 1991.

4. The tribe has reinvested revenues from the casino/hotel operations to build infrastructure for the welfare and education of its people.

5. Stations Casinos reached an agreement with Days Inn on December 9, 2009, to market the casino hotel under the Days Inn brand.

6. and Greektown Newco Sub Inc., two investor groups, acquired the casino hotel after the bankruptcy filing.

7. In 2000, it completed a $26 million renovation to update the casino, hotel rooms and restaurants on the 18th floor including the Forest Buffet and Friday’s Station.

8. The building was allowed to decay as many different owners took possession of the building with plans to revive the casino/hotel, all of which failed.

9. Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino opened Dan Marino's Fine Food and Spirits restaurant on the same day the casino/hotel opened.

10. On 27 September 1930, while in Egypt dealing with some problems which had arisen with this dam project, Sir John took a rowboat from the beach of the Casino Hotel near Alexandria, Egypt.

11. A seven-story parking garage offers over 1,600 sheltered parking spaces with easy access to the casino, hotel, and pavilion.

12. The casino, hotel and track were badly damaged by Hurricane Rita in 2005;

13. From 1993 to 1995, he renovated the property, expanding the casino to 19,000 square feet (1,800 m), adding a parking garage, and connecting the casino, hotel, and Denny's with a single facade.

14. In August 2011, the company announced a multi-phase $25 million improvement program that would renovate the casino, hotel lobby, rooms and restaurants.

15. Resort features several restaurants and eateries throughout the casino, hotel and outlets.

16. As the Sheraton, the casino/hotel featured a Black Forest theme.

17. Soon after, the casino-hotel became known as the New Frontier.

18. At the state border is a parclo interchange entirely on the North Dakota side serving the casino/hotel.

19. Quintanilla decides to set a trap by informing the group that Jennings's replacement is in the casino hotel since he knows that the Germans will move to eliminate him to plant their own agent successfully.

20. The Casino-Hotel project was overseen by Empresa de Turismo Praia Póvoa de Varzim, who got the gambling license.

21. He expected that the casino resort will house the casino, hotel, convention and other facilities.

22. Allen has worked in the casino, hotel, and gaming industries since 1979.

23. among them were Fred Segal Santa Monica and in a shop at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas when the casino/hotel was newly built.

24. By the afternoon of 22 October, the full SkyCity complex had been shut down, including the casino, hotel, and carpark.

25. On 14 July 1955, Karmann presented the new coupé from Volkswagen in the Casino Hotel of Georgsmarienhütte, the neighbouring city of Osnabrück. In the first year of production alone, a total of 10,000 coupés were delivered instead of the planned 3,000 units.