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the Blaine Amendment in a sentence

1. They wrote another constitution in 1875, and the legislature passed the Blaine Amendment, prohibiting public money from being used to finance religious-affiliated schools.

2. In December 1875, he proposed a joint resolution that became known as the Blaine Amendment.

3. Grant's views were incorporated into the Blaine Amendment, but it was defeated by the Senate.

4. The Blaine Amendment was a failed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would have prohibited direct government aid to educational institutions that have a religious affiliation.

5. The Blaine Amendment emerged from a growing consensus among 19th-century U.S. Protestants that public education must be free from “sectarian” or “denominational” control, while it also reflected nativist tendencies hostile to immigrants.

6. On April 1, 1974, voters in Louisiana approved a new constitution by a margin of 58 to 42 percent, which repealed the Blaine amendment that was part of that state's 1921 constitution.

7. In 2012, a measure attempting to repeal the Blaine Amendment did not win a majority, much less the 60% approval a constitutional amendment requires.

8. Article XI also contains a version of the Blaine Amendment, as do many other state constitutions.

9. While this case was in progress, after the appellate finding, Republican legislators began an effort to amend the Florida constitution to remove the language of the Blaine amendment, succeeding in 2011 to place the measure on the 2012 ballot as amendment 8. The ballot measure failed.

10. Arkansas is one of twelve states that have not adopted the Blaine Amendment to their state constitutions.

11. President Ulysses S. Grant supported the Blaine Amendment.

12. Heavily Protestant in the 19th century, most states passed a state constitutional amendment, referred to as the Blaine Amendment, forbidding tax money be used to fund parochial schools, a possible outcome of heavy immigration from Catholic Ireland after the 1840s.

13. In 2007, Faulkner sued the State of New York, on behalf of New Horizon Church, to overturn the Blaine Amendment to its constitution.

14. The Blaine Amendment bans state assistance to schools that have a religious affiliation.

15. Storobin sponsored the repeal of the Blaine Amendment to help facilitate the introduction of school vouchers for religious schools.

16. he also endorsed the Blaine Amendment, which would have forbidden government aid to schools with religious affiliations.

17. After the Blaine Amendment failed to receive the super-majority of necessary votes to be considered for the U.S. Constitution, its advocates at the federal level began to demand states like Oklahoma include it in their Constitutions to be considered for statehood.

18. Oklahoma was forced to adopt the Blaine Amendment at its constitutional convention in 1906.

19. The attention and cost of these suits led a number of state legislators to question the Blaine amendment and introduce the ballot measure.

20. In 1870, controversy over Catholic schools in St. Louis led Missouri to adopt a constitutional amendment prohibiting any funding of a school “controlled by any creed, church, or sectarian denomination whatever.” In 1875, Missouri adopted a new constitution that carried forward the provision prohibiting parochial school funding, and adding a section declaring “no money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect or denomination of religion”. In 1876, the Blaine Amendment to the United States Constitution, which sought to combat the perceived threat Catholics posed to the nation’s Protestant character by prohibiting public funding of parochial schools, failed.

21. It was an updated version of the Blaine Amendment which had nearly passed in 1875.