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the Aleutians in a sentence

1. NCDU 1 went briefly to the Aleutians in 1943.

2. see Notes. On V-J-Day CB 114 was in the Aleutians.

3. NCDU 1 went briefly to the Aleutians in 1943.

4. It borders the Aleutians East Borough to the east.

5. The Aleutians' largest fishing fleet is based in Sand Point.

6. While in the Aleutians, he developed emphysema.

7. Her second patrol was also off the Aleutians.

8. Manila Bay steamed to the Aleutians in mid-August.

9. In April, Louisville steamed, via Pearl Harbor, to the Aleutians.

10. From Akutan eastward they are in the Aleutians East Borough.

11. Then, on 14 September, she sailed for the Aleutians.

12. On 24 August, Richmond departed the Aleutians;

13. That evening, she turned toward the Aleutians;

14. On 27 May, the submarine departed the Aleutians for the last time;

15. and, on 28 April she headed back to the Aleutians.

16. On 20 May, S-23 again sailed for the Aleutians.

17. The war in the Aleutians had begun.

18. This marked the end of the last Japanese hold in the Aleutians.

19. and then sailed north to the Aleutians.

20. The Japanese had invaded the Aleutians in June 1942.

21. Over the next few months, Wickes operated in the Aleutians.

22. On 8 August, Smalley sailed for the Aleutians.

23. Many active volcanoes are found in the Aleutians.

24. Washington said Port Moresby or the Aleutians in mid-June;

25. and, five years later, north, back to the Aleutians.

26. The Aleutians are home to many large colonies of seabirds.

27. The marine species occurs off the Aleutians.

28. Peter Kuzmich Krenitzin mapped the Aleutians before 1769.

29. he was raised in servitude by the Russians in the Aleutians.

30. The Aleutians East have also not voted Democratic since.