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the Alabama Constitution in a sentence

1. This voided the provision of the Alabama Constitution which had provided for two state senators from each county and similar provisions elsewhere.

2. Term limits in the Alabama Constitution prevented Wallace from seeking a second term in 1966.

3. She was the first wife of Alabama Governor George Wallace, whom she succeeded as governor because the Alabama constitution forbade consecutive terms.

4. The Alabama Constitution then forbade a governor from succeeding himself, a common provision in other southern states at the time.

5. Since Wallace was out-of-state for more than 20 days, recovering in a Maryland hospital, the Alabama Constitution required that the lieutenant governor take over temporarily as acting governor.

6. The Alabama Constitution provided that there be only one state senator per county.

7. The Alabama Constitution, in common with all other state constitutions, defines the standard tripartite government.

8. Three members of the Press Register staff were named finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in 1995 after a series of editorials on reforming the Alabama Constitution.

9. Officially, this move was temporary, since the Alabama Constitution requires that the Legislature meet in the capitol.

10. For example, the Alabama Constitution has more than 600 pages and the New Jersey Constitution of 1947 is three times longer than the U.S. Constitution.

11. He or she (currently Governor Kay Ivey) is responsible for upholding the Alabama Constitution and executing state law.

12. The Alabama Constitution provides that no law shall be passed except by a bill, which is a proposed law written out in the proper format.

13. (Amendment 427 to the Alabama Constitution designated the State House as the official site of the legislature.) Following World War II, the state capital was a site of important Civil Rights Movement activities.

14. Prior to the introduction of bills that apply to specific, named localities, the Alabama Constitution requires publication of the proposal in a newspaper in the counties to be affected.

15. If a majority of those who vote at the election favor the amendment, it becomes a part of the Alabama Constitution.

16. Moore was a strong opponent of a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution in 2004.

17. The Alabama Constitution Village is part of the Earlyworks Museum Complex, along with the Huntsville Depot and EarlyWorks Children's History Museum.

18. The Alabama Constitution Village hosts an annual Santa's Village event which was named the Alabama event of the Year in 2006.

19. It was this convention which drafted the Alabama constitution presently in use in Alabama today and which is one of the longest such documents in the world.

20. Although Ligon served his full two-year term as Lieutenant Governor, the position was eliminated in 1875 and would not be reestablished until adoption of the Alabama Constitution in 1901.

21. The Alabama Constitution was amended in 1968, allowing a governor to serve two consecutive terms.

22. Under the Alabama Constitution, Ivey was not eligible to seek reelection to a third term as state treasurer in 2010.

23. The terms and over 1,000 duties of the office are defined by Sections 114, 118, 132, and 134 of the Alabama Constitution and throughout The Code of Alabama.

24. Ross Winner, the owner of Love Stuff, a chain store which sells sex toys, subsequently sued to have the statute declared unconstitutional under the Alabama Constitution.

25. The Alabama constitution read, "that every citizen has a right to bear arms in defence of himself and the State."

26. The Reid court held that the law "to suppress the evil practice of carrying weapons secretly," did not violate the Alabama constitution.

27. However, Kolb ended up supporting the Alabama Constitution of 1901 which took away the vote from blacks, as well as many poor whites.

28. The house was purchased by the Alabama Constitution Village and moved to a site one block from the museum.

29. He sponsored a 2014 amendment to the Alabama Constitution banning "foreign law".

30. She also helped establish the Alabama Constitution Village and the Burritt Mountain Museum and Park before her death in 2000.