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the 90s in a sentence

1. We're not in the '90s anymore.

2. Truly one of the best albums of the 90s".

3. however, Singles of the 90s is.

4. WOW The 90s is part of the WOW series.

5. By the 90s, such albums became rare.

6. Rhoads went defunct in the 90s.

7. coming later in the 90s.

8. roll band of the '90s".

9. During the 90s &

10. Dorks, and the 90s at Night.

11. I Love the '90s may refer to:

12. They recorded two albums in the 90s.

13. The school was rebuilt in the 90s.

14. rock, hip hop and hard rock in the '90s.

15. In the '90s they became the Tigers.

16. Ages range from the cradle to the 90s.

17. DYMF used to air NBA games in the 90s.

18. Theme: #1 Hits from the '90s.

19. Whatever: The '90s Pop &

20. El" during the 90s.

21. KRU from the 90s was active until 2018.

22. Three highlights stand out in the 90s.

23. The exploitation culminated in the '90s.

24. Riders 13-15 are from the 90s.

25. During the 90s while living in England.

26. "... the 90s were hard on the poor car.

27. Coaching Kanareykin started in the 90s.

28. The 90s Girl premiered in 2017.

29. It could be the '50s or the'90s.

30. In the 90s of the XIX century.