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the 60th parallel in a sentence

1. while the 60th parallel north divides it from the Northwest Territories.

2. The Åland Islands are located near the 60th parallel between Sweden and Finland.

3. The 60th parallel north or south is half as long as the Equator (disregarding Earth's minor flattening by 0.3%).

4. At the 60th parallel, the air rises to the tropopause (about 8 km at this latitude) and moves poleward.

5. * Very small localities adjacent to the 60th parallel are served by exchanges within the 867 area code.

6. Mousa lies directly on the 60th parallel, 60 degrees north of the equator, 30 degrees south of the north pole.

7. South of the 60th parallel north, the border continues into British Columbia.

8. McNiven was the first member appointed to the council from north of the 60th parallel.

9. The 60th parallel north passes through the town.

10. It forms the Chilean claim to Antarctica, stretching south of the 60th parallel to the South Pole.

11. Winters are cold but not severe by Russian standards for areas north of the 60th parallel.

12. The curve itself represents the 60th parallel, above which the Territories are located.

13. Since the trench extends south of the 60th parallel south, it also contains the deepest point in the Southern Ocean.

14. It is bounded on the south by the 60th parallel of latitude.

15. Exploration continued at a steady pace and by 1995 there were over 1,900 wells above the 60th parallel.

16. It lies almost on the 60th parallel north.

17. Manitoba was enlarged in 1912 north to the 60th parallel, becoming Saskatchewan's only eastern neighbor.

18. The Northwest Territories is north of the 60th parallel which forms the northern border of the province.

19. At the 60th parallel north, these borders form a (possible) quadripoint at the four corners of these provinces and territories.

20. Lay off 6-mile-3-chain (9.7 km) ticks from the 49th parallel of latitude to the 60th parallel.

21. In fact, one third of all people living north of the 60th parallel are Finns.

22. His astronomical work includes the observation of the total solar eclipse under the 60th parallel, in 1869;

23. The 60th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 60 degrees north of Earth's equator.

24. The 60th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 60 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane.

25. Between Australia and the 60th parallel south it forms the western boundary of the South Pacific Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone.

26. South of the 60th parallel north, the border continues into British Columbia.

27. Alberta's western border runs along peaks of the Rocky Mountain ridge and then extends north to the 60th parallel.

28. Its western boundary is the BC-Alaska Boundary, its northern the boundary with Yukon at the 60th parallel north.

29. The reserve's northern boundary is the 60th parallel north, which divides Alberta from the Northwest Territories.

30. This list catalogs churches and other religious buildings built south of the 60th parallel.