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No. sentence
181 He betrayed neither haste nor agitation; and while he was wrapping up the Bishop's candlesticks, he nibbled at a piece of black bread.
182 SOME members of North Korea's elite have long drunk the world's most expensive cognac and nibbled caviar.
183 Having nibbled off the thin outer layer of fruit, the civets put their digestive juices to work.
184 The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and pided the contents into four equal piles.
185 Dutch pilot refused to take off for Amsterdam until technicians had checked the whole plane to make sure the mouse hadn't nibbled through any cables.
186 She nibbled at the biscuit.
187 And yet the past decade has nibbled away at the cohesion of the West.
188 try and catch the mouse, or even chase it away, terrified Mango made do by sipping water while his bold companion nibbled away.
189 She glanced at the sleeping child and then hurried away.
190 The old man limped away on the stick.
191 The dog sniffed at the bone then went away.
192 The tiger smelled the meat and went away.
193 The zebra galloped away from the lion.
194 He stalled the police for ten minutes so his accomplice could get away.
195 The couple tore themselves away from London.
196 One of the uncertainties of military duty is that you never know when you might suddenly get posted away.
197 The speaker laughed away his fears.
198 Now we raised a ship far away on the horizon.
199 The leader drew away from the pack.
200 Gently rub the inside of an avocado peel on your face, says Morgan. Leave the residue on for about 20 minutes for a moisturizing mask.
201 They had volunteers watch video clips of a woman saying different simple phrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.
202 Yokohama, a Japanese tyremaker, is promoting a tyre made with oil from orange peel, a waste product from the production of orange juice.
203 These three principles of humor are illustrated by the classic slip on the banana peel.
204 Today, 166 years later, we are still suffering from the problems that were already correctly diagnosed by Robert Peel.
205 If you believe what you read in the newspaper about us, we have one foot in the pail of bankruptcy and the other foot on a banana peel, and there's a high wind.
206 Once that protection is lost, and the integrity of the skin barrier disrupted, skin becomes dry - which means it can crack, peel, itch, burn, sting, or any combination," says Crutchfield.
207 Now he was very grave; he leaned towards her, and she smelled the warm, stinging scent of the orange peel."
208 Speaking of fiber, a lot of it's in the peel, whether it's potatoes, apples, or pears.
209 Even oranges don't eat the whole peel, but keep the pith, that white stringy stuff; it's packed with flavonoids.
210 He suggests crushing carrots or liquefying the peel and core of a whole pineapple in a blender and applying it as a face mask for 15 to 30 minutes.