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No. sentence
151 You should rip the cover off the box first.
152 The party seemed to switch her off.
153 Now the hard winter has gone, we can cast off our winter clothing.
154 Her baby rolled off the bed this morning.
155 They silently split off the ball.
156 This last bombing should finish off the town.
157 She ticked off the items on the memo.
158 We railed off our paddyfield from the railroad.
159 He leaned against the tree.
160 The falling tree just grazed his chair.
161 He nicked the tree before he left there.
162 He rived a branch away from the tree.
163 Long vines swirl round the tree.
164 A ragged man emerged from behind the tree.
165 The dog scent-marked on the tree.
166 The old tree sprouted in this spring.
167 The boy banged up the tree.
168 The tree tips to the east.
169 The tree thrusts its branches high.
170 The dead tree decomposed and had to be uprooted.
171 Do you know the name of that tree?
172 The sparrow whizzed up into a tree.
173 All the peaches rotted on the tree.
174 vine in the garden winds around a big tree.
175 The black tree was clearly defined against a yellow sky.
176 The boy chickened out of climbing up the tree.
177 They used the closely nibbled smooth green spaces as their pitch , the wooden barred gate of the sheep pen as their wicket and the crooks made from willow branches as their bats.
178 Snow-capped mountains loom in the distance while smaller hills tumble down towards the town, criss-crossed by paths and nibbled away by quarries at their bases.
179 I'm happy to know my arugula will not turn up on the plate tasting like a plastic bag, and that my lamb nibbled only on tender herbs and grasses.
180 I found the sandwich he was talking about and a piece of cheese that he had nibbled at beside it.