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No. sentence
31 I like him all the better for his criticism.
32 She balked at the price.
33 You have your choice between the two.
34 We should learn by the mistakes of others.
35 The teeth in one wheel engage with those of another.
36 They all ridiculed the idea.
37 We argued with them about the new law.
38 We drew out the secret from him.
39 She broadcast the good news to all her friends.
40 The man denuded her of clothing.
41 That depends on how you tackle the problem.
42 ability she towers over all the others in her class.
43 She thanked me for the present.
44 He persevered in the fact.
45 On hearing the news, she made off.
46 He demonstrated the new invention to us.
47 The contract admits of no other interpretation.
48 He kicked at the decision.
49 He lived in a flat above the shop.
50 We all believe the story to be true.
51 He will not tell anyone, the secret will die with him.
52 He has no say in the matter.
53 I twisted an apple off the tree.
54 He nibbled away the apple peel, then ate the flesh.
55 The boy grinned from ear to ear when his mother gave him the apple.
56 Peel an apple for the child.
57 He grafted the branch onto the apple tree.
58 The grapes are ripening, the apple trees are heavy with fruit.
59 We have reached out to Apple for comment on this file but we have not heard back at the time of publishing.
60 Apple says all phones have this problem - yeah, they have that problem after you fix the problem with touching the antenna.