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No. sentence
271 The owl swooped down on a mouse.
272 She hauled her large box into the room.
273 The farm was so large that they subdivided it to sell.
274 Inside the reactor the large molecules are cracked into smaller molecules.
275 Before sweeping the house she bound up her hair in a large handkerchief.
276 The shop was mobbed by a large crowd.
277 The firm is too small to contend against [with] large international companies.
278 The film drew in large crowds.
279 They have restocked the library shelves with large quantities of new books.
280 He clopped over to the reception counter in his large leather boots.
281 The advertisements for the concert fetched in large crowds.
282 The students were regimented into large groups for military training.
283 The glacier calved a large iceberg.
284 Four large columns upheld the building's heavy roof.
285 A large rock jutted out little way into the water.
286 A large crowd of basketball fans pressed about the basketball star and asked him to sign for them.
287 The large warehouse backs on to the river.
288 They deposited a large amount of money toward the purchase of the car.
289 A large crowd of customers swarmed before the counter.
290 Sort out the large from the small.
291 She holds a large integrated complex spread everywhere in the world.
292 The cake is made in a large bow.
293 A pair of large stone lions preside massively over the approach to the Summer Palace.
294 He curved the piece of wood.
295 The doctor grafted a piece of skin from his thigh onto his wound.
296 She quartered the pie and gave each one a piece.
297 I saw a beggar Wolf down a piece of bread in the street yesterday.
298 They will jog in another piece of scenery to fill the space.
299 Fold a piece of paper round the flowers so that they'll be easier to carry.
300 He stabbed a piece of beef from the plate.