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that point in a sentence

1. I was pissed at that point.

2. That point is on Igbo landing.

3. That point for me is 1972."

4. That point is Warsaw.

5. At that point, Ecce Homo!

6. At that point, the Compute!

7. at that point, Lt. Cmdr.

8. By that point

9. It was over at that point."

10. From that point;

11. At that point he shot him.

12. It was over at that point."

13. At that point, the book ends.

14. From that point Pfc.

15. At that point, Milliman &

16. From that point on, Aly &

17. At that point, Lew Dew &

18. At that point I'd had enough.

19. That point is no good.

20. At that point the show ends.

21. By that point Rohr, Inc.

22. We are united on that point.

23. Voss by that point.

24. At that point, SWBT Inc.

25. From that point on, Aly &

26. . . we are at that point.

27. At that point Mysto &

28. We have reached that point."

29. From that point on, Mrs.

30. We are at one on that point.