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that final in a sentence

1. And with that final act, Scorponok died.

2. In that final Puebla faced UANL.

3. He won that final in straight sets.

4. It rained the whole week before that final match.

5. Then that final ending where you began.

6. In that final season, he played rarely.

7. In that final he became second.

8. Huggel scored the first goal in that final.

9. Raharney were defeated 4-10 to 2-3 on that final.

10. He scored four points (all frees) in that final.

11. After that final third campaign, he left the club.

12. So, say that final belief Must be in a fiction.

13. And that final clap-along chorus? Pure joy."

14. Ehrhardt had a single at the plate in that final game.

15. At that final, he was interim coach.

16. During that final mission he shot down his final kill.

17. Aparicio played as a substitute in that final.

18. Sean played in that final too, beating Fermanagh.

19. Sanchéz was substitute in that final.

20. That final approval came in 1767.

21. Howard tore his Achilles' tendon on that final play.

22. That final was his last match as a player.

23. Yet that final answer raises larger questions.

24. The UAE beat Hong Kong by five wickets in that final.

25. That final scene was really great."

26. He left the club after that final.

27. Barrios was sent off in that final.

28. The franchise ceased operations after that final game.

29. They just have to be prepared to make that final bid.

30. Notice that final colloquial phrase, "to go."