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that decade in a sentence

1. by the end of that decade.

2. During that decade, Grahame became a father.

3. That decade, he also began writing for television.

4. They divorced later that decade.

5. They did not win another Championship that decade.

6. In that decade.

7. That decade his marriage to Enid broke down;

8. in New York for that decade it was at least 400.

9. Fuller was added during that decade.

10. Later that decade he married Kolessa.

11. The library moved six times in that decade.

12. They did not win another Championship that decade.

13. Salem Railroad during that decade.

14. So the absolute growth in that decade is 5,756.

15. The school pool closed during that decade.

16. They had three singles release in that decade.

17. Later that decade, Ben Cohen of Ben &

18. later that decade he was vicarius urbis Romae.

19. by the end of that decade.

20. He taught there for most of that decade.

21. The Dover Branch was organized later that decade.

22. He moved to California later that decade.

23. The merger was dissolved later that decade.

24. A wading pool was dedicated in that decade.

25. His career took off in that decade.

26. During that decade he also worked as a leader.

27. later that decade he played with Stan Kenton.

28. factories during that decade.

29. During that decade, Dolce &

30. term "stagflation" was coined for that decade.