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that date in a sentence

1. Thus, she died after that date.

2. Wealdstone from that date.

3. On that date in 1982, A &

4. after that date Greek was allowed.

5. On that date, Capt.

6. It is still observed on that date.

7. He died on Java after that date.

8. That date was also postponed.

9. On that date, SNE Broadcasting Ltd.

10. That date was 21 September.

11. On that date, Maj.

12. He died sometime after that date.

13. On that date it was vacant.

14. Was mixed down on that date.

15. On that date, AM 1330 became KNSS.

16. Regenvanu lost office on that date.

17. €125k as of that date).

18. That date went to Road America.

19. even that date remains unattested.

20. Since that date, little is known.

21. It was later released on that date.

22. On that date, Capt.

23. That date was also not met.

24. She sold there on that date.

25. Since that date, the U.S. Dept.

26. a record for that date.

27. She sold there on that date.

28. That date was pushed back a year.

29. That date would make Killian &

30. She sold on that date for £400.