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1 One month after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India and Pakistan are turning to brinksmanship because they have not yet found a way to talk constructively.
2 America is likely to press harder for Pakistan to tackle other extremist groups on its soil, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is thought to have been behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.
3 They publicly disavowed any connection with terrorist groups.
4 From terrorist networks, to rogue nations, to dealing with rising powers that always look at us to determine whether or not we will in fact maintain a strong defense, " Panetta said.
5 Both Sarwar and Ali were in Pakistan for what police believe was terrorist training at the same time as members of the cell that attacked London on 7 July 2005.
6 However, we must not fail to see those rising destabilizing and unpredictable factors, the intertwined traditional and non-traditional security threats and rampant terrorist activities.
7 I was surprised and angered because it’s the most shameless use of a realperson to make up the image of a terrorist, " Llamazares said Saturday at a news conference.
8 And they come from surprising groups, such as the U.S. Army soldiers stationed in Southeast Asia who submitted their program to keep young men from joining terrorist groups by finding them jobs.
9 they need to get the CIA to open up their Balkan terrorist database, because ted Cofell, the businessman who Jack had interrogated earlier in the day, had family connections there.
10 Lesser actors might have baulked at playing an IRA terrorist or an incomprehensible Irish boxer or, as with Benjamin Button, a kind of half-Gump, half-Kermit dimwit. But not Pitt.
11 China has acceded to the International Convention on Stopping Terrorist Explosions, and signed the International Convention on Severing Financial Aid to Terrorism.
12 Every terrorist plot, successful or foiled, seems to lengthen the gauntlet of checks.
13 The city that study participants chose for the major terrorist attack evoked the largest P300 brainwave responses.
14 Earlier this week a local resident, Janice Michelsson, whose house burned down in the Churchill fires, wrote a letter to the newspaper: "You bastard." You are a fire terrorist.
15 last month, an American drone killed top terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki —part of an escalating unmanned air assault in the Horn of Africa and southern Arabian peninsula.
16 He gave brief televised remarks almost immediately, telling Russians that he believed the blast was a terrorist act.
17 few want to pursue soldiers, even if they were guilty of serious wrongdoing, when virtually all IRA members convicted of terrorist offences were long ago set free as part of the peace process.
18 Cheney said the Obama administration's decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center will make America less safe and more vulnerable to another terrorist attack.
19 The device looked like a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile launcher. Unfortunately we lost both the terrorist and the device when the group self-destructed to avoid capture.
20 In Iran the same mischievous propaganda is at work to befool the rather ignorant-or less knowledgeable-public that it poses a threat and is a fanatic, terrorist country.
21 Our recovery includes rebuilding an infrastructure that will be more secure and reliable in the face of terrorist threats and natural disasters.
22 the Millennium Dome finished off Cool Britannia; the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 inaugurated a more sombre era.
23 Although most Americans think terrorist suspects who are found to be innocent by the courts should be released (see table), few places seem ready to accept them.
24 Their sometime allies in al Qaeda do not require a piece of physical territory to conceive, plan, prepare, and conduct terrorist operations against Western interests.
25 If one adds the wildcard of possible, catastrophic terrorist attacks to this mix, the period between now and 2020 will be as challenging as any in modern times.
26 A plan to transport 44 tonnes of radioactive uranium and plutonium by train has run into opposition from councils worried about accidents and terrorist attacks.
27 He theorizes that people join terrorist organizations worldwide in order to be part of a community, much like the reason inner-city youths join gangs in the United States.
28 Opposition political parties and civil society groups deny engaging in terrorist activities, and the police have not presented conclusive evidence to substantiate their accusations.
29 Although the MKO is officially labeled a terrorist organization by the US, the US also provided the group with a haven in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.
30 So although the number of terrorist attacks has fallen, and fewer people have been injured, the imputed economic benefits are limited-just a tenth of the costs.