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No. sentence
1 I tell you the general terms, and then let the chairman summarize.
2 couched his demands in very polite terms.
3 They refused to treat with us on equal terms.
4 After all, our privacy and security on these sites — in terms of how much we share with others and what we consume — is ultimately up to each of us.
5 So it would be useless if, in terms of research, at least for us, if he would say, well, some people are born with it, and others are not.
6 The agency admitted that agreeing to this "was not at all standard operating procedure and is against our policies, and the assignment on those terms should have been declined."
7 But how good is it, in terms of giving patients relief from the pain, breathing difficulty and fatigue of chronic sinusitis?
8 value of the solution, either in terms of savings or revenue, or in terms of some other business value such as quality or timeliness.
9 We've always been good at paying ourselves first, in terms of saving for retirement, but there were no savings over and above what we should be doing.
10 Gordell Wright, one of the tribe’s three elected trustees, observes most New Yorkers think of Indians in historical terms; but “we are here and our problems are contemporary, ” he says.
11 problem, you might reply, is that no one would lend money on those terms.
12 testing discipline has experienced perhaps steadier growth in terms of knowledge acquisition, theory, and application than the others we've looked at.
13 Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
14 But it's still as comprehensive as ever, if not more in terms of software development.
15 I think in Yunnan, our store should be one of the best in terms of scale and the level of professionalism,' the Kunming salesman said.
16 terms of business cooperation with Vietnam, Honghe Prefecture has its geographical vantage point and good industrial foundation.
17 On what terms and conditions?
18 Although there may be other factors involved the subject is urged to simply view the situation in terms of clear-cut right and wrong.
19 A story is a description of functionality to be implemented in the product, often stated in terms of what user roles the feature supports and what business value it offers them.
20 Mortgage brokers netted commissions as they lent almost indiscriminately, offering exotically lenient terms — no money down, no income or job required.
21 We cut back in terms of costs of course but we had faith in what we were doing and the feeling that we were doing something of value saw us through.
22 But for most of the past century, lawyers and regulators have battled over how to apply those terms in new industries where the rules are unclear.
23 Sweating is one of those bodily functions that seem uncomplicated, but it remains not fully understood by physiologists, at least in terms of how (and why) gender affects the process.
24 Municipal authorities know what this means in terms of attracting tourists and new businesses and winning the next election.
25 In terms of guest satisfaction, however, hotels have known little about how they fare against competitors.
26 She violated the terms of the contract repeatedly.
27 This allows you to apply any terms that apply to all customers within the store, including guest shoppers, in one contract.
28 So if we understand the argument in terms of the second interpretation, it looks as invisible. It looks all the argument still go through, Simmias' counterexample fails.
29 Just IM a few trader friends at other hedge funds or Banks, propose the idea, and then seal the deal with whoever likes your terms.
30 We show in this section that both terms are ambiguous and not helpful in describing the nature of the service bus or the integration layer.