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No. sentence
1 I have to bat out a term paper before class.
2 He failed no students this term.
3 But debate swirled over the wording, such as whether the term "contributions" should be preferred to "actions".
4 The Americans' error was explained to them by village elders, so they fetched out what they term "solatia", or compensation.
5 She said long term solutions are needed to save pastoralists, many of whom have lost most or all of their livestock to drought.
6 If they push too hard for revenue in the short term, they might drive away users, undermining a network.
7 After USENET got going the term stuck meaning something false - do not download (or believe) this.
8 Finally, I don't know of any university, including the ones I teach at, that tells its engineering students what to expect in the long term or how to manage their technical careers.
9 This term was explained in depth in the first article of this series; it simply means that you should begin by creating your VXML file normally, as a static document, before you do anything else.
10 If it is, the current element must have multiple definitions for the same term, and so the processor puts 3 points of vertical space after the current definition.
11 He then says that what he presents is proof that the term engineering is not compatible with software.
12 If we have one term bigger than the other.
13 During the long term life practice, The Chuxiong Yi nationality has created various, original, flowery, elegant and colorful design patterns by the way of twine, embroider and post etc.
14 He received a falling grade on the term paper.
15 The term is shorthand for non-essential software or media files bundled with a device in a bid to boost revenue and ostensibly give consumers a chance to try new services.
16 He had to cart his books to his home at the end of the term.
17 The boy has gone up again this term.
18 plot of Atonement, Ian McEwan's lovely and devastating novel, pivots on the term.
19 The first requires a swathe of bold structural reforms to boost jobs and growth, the second a credible plan to balance the books in the medium term that does not wreck the economy in the short term.
20 But meditation is a much broader term than many people realize, and the reverential monk image respresents only a minute fraction of what the world of meditation actually consists of.
21 The point about long term shifts reminds us to look beyond the immediate conjuncture, and to think about the magnitude of the event through which we are living.
22 One year is not going to make or break anything, the most important thing is the long term trend," Karmali said today in a telephone interview in London.
23 The US can expect to be the sole superpower for some time yet, if we mean by the term a state capable of deploying effective power almost anywhere in the world.
24 And even they are "wheeled organisms" in the loosest use of the term, since they use rolling as a form of locomotion.
25 Principle-centered power encourages ethical behavior because followers feel free to choose based on what they want most, what they want in the long term, rather than what they merely want now.
26 So, in this definition now, we have one term which we know.
27 Dee Dee Parker, a long term member of the Church by the Sea said the congregation is delighted that the building makes people happy but did not realise that they had become so popular online.
28 Because I compared myself to the 10-year-old girl next door who effortlessly surfed the Net to research her term papers while I struggled just to log on.
29 Deep-water irrigation experiments in mid-early term of autumn-paddyfield was conducted to ansalyze the function on flood-and-drought resisting and its ecological effect.
30 Wilson described himself as "lame" and referred to his cane as his "third leg," [43] but otherwise he considered himself perfectly fit to be President. There was even talk of a third term.