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1 But China's recent handling of long-simmering tensions over competing claims to islands and waters in the South China Sea has rung alarm bells.
2 Tensions have arisen between rival militias and the chain of command is far from clear.
3 I would rather live without these unbearable tensions.
4 simple reality is that, in the world of cross-Strait relations, political symbolism matters, and disagreements over it could be the source of major tensions or even conflict.
5 Perhaps US stocks fell because of Microsoft earnings, Japanese bond yields rose on a good Tankan survey and Brent crude rallied on tensions in the Middle East.
6 Critics of the legislation reckon that they are, given the youth of the population, and the emotional tensions of the environment.
7 Another subject elaborated on how purchasing an in-ground swimming pool would ease tensions in his family.
8 Pakistan has already indicated that if tensions with India escalate, it may move troops from its Afghan border to the Indian border.
9 this turbulent background, Oshima made his first films, which already, in their focus on delinquent youth, gave voice to the tensions in Japanese society.
10 have been tensions in recent days over whether or not American forces can launch cross-border operations without the prior consent of the Pakistani government.
11 If winning the White House represents a resolution of the Obamas' struggles, it also means a new, higher-stakes confrontation with some of the vexing issues that fed those tensions.
12 Of course, the city was not always a happy Mosaic of the world, and ethnic tensions abounded, as did crime and poverty.
13 But in India no less than elsewhere, the inner turmoil that makes people end it all usually has complex causes: social dislocation, family tensions or long-term depression.
14 Both have had simmering tensions with major trading partners on the issue of personal financial disclosure, particularly in the realm of private banking.
15 He also said North Korea's reported test-firing of two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday was neither advisable nor helpful in managing regional tensions.
16 And every time a U.S. carrier strike group sails into this area where these anti-ship missiles are active — that, in and of itself, is going to raise tensions.
17 a move that could heighten tensions between the two countries, Pyongyang is reportedly preparing to test a Taepodong-2 ballistic missile believed to have sufficient range to reach US territory.
18 The inverse opal is a chip with micro-channels sensitive to liquids of specific surface tensions.
19 Consider the first of the two big ideas that he outlined this week: easing global imbalances and currency tensions, and curbing volatility in commodity markets.
20 Many Pakistani's are angry and embarrassed over what they consider a violation of their sovereignty, and tensions are high across Pakistan following the raid.
21 beyond perhaps helping defuse tensions a bit between cross-cultural roommates or spouses, does East-West brain research have real-world applications?
22 The project, launched in 2005, was under threat of cancellation amid delays and rising tensions between the two countries over Israel's devastating offensive in the Gaza Strip last year.
23 If Europe did not advance further towards political union, he argued, there would come a time when political tensions between eu members became so high that they threatened the future of the euro.
24 Rumours also hint at tensions in the Sabah family, with princely rivals to Sheikh Nasser said to be quietly egging on his parliamentary foes.
25 Serious riots that erupted in the past month were sparked in one case by ethnic tensions between Arabs and Berbers and in another because a football team was demoted to the second league.
26 When there are tensions between nations, Anne Schodde says, citizen diplomats can often directly address major issues like poverty, health, the environment.
27 particularly true if UMNO decides to play on tensions between Malaysia's majority Malays and its ethnic-Chinese and Indian minorities.
28 North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire along their disputed frontier, raising tensions between the rivals to their highest level in more than a decade.
29 However, the message rebukes the North for what it describes as recent "deliberate slander and fostering of tensions" which the South finds deeply regretful.
30 The action risks aggravating tensions over currency levels, but it could have a more benign effect.