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1 Now he's using that information to satisfy his sadistic tendencies at the expense of that hapless willow.
2 She has yet to spell out much of her policy platform, including on such vital issues as tax or climate change; and has suspiciously meddlesome tendencies.
3 At the same time, Jacques Lacan strove to disentangle psychoanalysis from all its psychological and normative tendencies.
4 And to reduce eggplant's bitter tendencies even more, after you slice it, sprinkle it with salt, then wait a half hour, rinse, and proceed with your recipe.
5 Researchers call these tendencies "relationship maintenance strategies," where we downplay the attractiveness of others we might be tempted by.
6 Flipping through haute couture fashion tendencies this year, ethereal tones are a superb feast to eyes out there.
7 Introversion is an inborn personality type that you can't change. Many people falsely believe that introverts can (or want to) "unlearn" their quiet, passive tendencies.
8 doesn't mean you have to act on it, of course, but in this process, mentally reclaim these traits, tendencies, and feelings as your own.
9 If we're going to address problems, we need to understand the contexts and how these tendencies emerge or don't emerge.
10 Read more about why perfectionist tendencies can be a bane than a boon: why Being a perfectionist May Not be So perfect.
11 The essay bitterly satirized some unhealthy tendencies in society.
12 I sincerely believe we must guard against such tendencies, especially in our own blessed country.
13 I didn't point out the snapping-turtle pond between Raylou's workspace and our sliding glass door, for fear that my mother, who had suicidal tendencies, might dive in.
14 Gordon Brown and his Labour government, facing probable defeat in the general election that must be held in Britain by next June, have alternately exhibited both these contradictory tendencies.
15 track and analyze the business development, tendencies and existing issues of the domestic banking industry and formulate relevant regulatory policies and rules.
16 Despite our subconscious behavior patterns, we can free ourselves from these limiting beliefs and tendencies.
17 Hu Shi's Experiment has epitomized these tendencies.
18 perhaps the author of the spyware just has voyeuristic tendencies.
19 Drying can be accomplished gradually, and tendencies to scorch and discolor are within control.
20 weather, because it happens every day, and the weather changes, so the weather is a great opportunity to unleash our moaning tendencies.
21 This sensitivity to the style, subtle tendencies and holistic vision requires an insight similar to that needed to overcome what Jacques Derrida identified as the problem of Western logocentrism.
22 Knowing yourself revolves around building a deeper understanding of our tendencies to hide behind various masks and being willing to examine them.
23 Adding value and being grateful will counteract unwanted selfish tendencies.
24 News should become riper after correcting these negative tendencies.
25 The growth of a mercantile middle class, and the decline of the aristocracy in Europe, led to more Democratic tendencies, first in towns, and then in countries overall.
26 Someone might have narcissistic tendencies, for instance, just like they might have a positive outlook on life or a shy personality.
27 What is clear is that for a small subset of people, excessive use of the internet could be a warning signal for depressive tendencies.
28 The teenagers also answered a number of health-related questions, including some standard questions about "depressive tendencies" that gauge how often a person feels sad or hopeless.
29 One-third of the guards were judged to have exhibited "genuine" sadistic tendencies, while many prisoners were emotionally traumatized and two had to be removed from the experiment early.
30 gathered huge volumes of data, pored over it, and learned much about people's relationships, tendencies, and desires.