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tended in a sentence

1. Waits tended to wear all-black.

2. Merrick is tended to by Mrs.

3. They also tended to overheat.

4. The women tended corn fields.

5. They tended their own gardens.

6. Other critics tended to differ.

7. I tended my father’s sheep.

8. they tended to derail —

9. Each show tended to have a theme;

10. I tended to rely only on myself.

11. Reviews tended to be mixed.

12. It tended to fragment the battle.

13. He tended to bicker with Hunter.

14. It has tended towards secularism.

15. This tended to limit their drama;

16. It is tended by volunteers.

17. tended small craft;

18. He tended to the wounded.

19. Lines tended to be end-stopped;

20. It hardened but tended to crack.

21. The larvae are tended by ants.

22. The larvae are tended by ants.

23. The larvae are tended by ants.

24. cleaned; tended the garden;

25. Prints tended to be religious;

26. They tended to work locally;

27. This area also has a tended lawn.

28. The sleeves tended to be full.

29. tended to by his friends.

30. it tended to run in families.