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telephone and internet services in a sentence

1. In Andorra, mobile and fixed telephone and internet services are operated exclusively by the Andorran national telecommunications company, SOM, also known as Andorra Telecom (STA).

2. Telia Finland is the second largest mobile operator in Finland and also one of the biggest providers of landline telephone and internet services.

3. In Norway Telia first entered after the de-regulation in 1998 as a virtual supplier of fixed telephone and Internet services.

4. CenturyLink and Cox provide local telephone and internet services.

5. A full range of telephone and Internet services are available via the network.

6. Telephone and internet services are provided by Frontier Communications and Qwest.

7. The mass selloff of state-owned enterprises led to improvements in some service industries, notably local telephone, mobile telephone, and internet services, respectively.

8. Telephone and internet services are provided by both SaskTel and Access Communications.

9. Telephone and Internet services are provided by Frontier Communications, TDS Telecom,and Charter Communications.

10. Verizon Wireless offers mobile phone, home telephone, and Internet services through a variety of devices.

11. The UK has a single telephone co-operative, The Phone Co-op, which provides fixed, mobile telephone and internet services, including web hosting and broadband.

12. Telephone and internet services in the suburb of Taylors Lakes are provided through Telstra owned Sydenham and Taylors Lakes telephone exchanges.

13. The Phone Co-op is a consumer co-operative in the United Kingdom, which provides landline, mobile telephone and Internet services, including web hosting and broadband.

14. Dhiraagu stated that this cable will help the company to reduce the cost of providing Telephone and Internet services, thus reducing prices.

15. Iriga City is served with several nationally operating telecom companies namely Digitel, Bayantel, PLDT, Smart, Globe and Sun cellular which offer telephone and internet services.

16. Telephone and internet services are being provided by PLDT-MARATEL.

17. Telephone and Internet services are provided by a cooperative.

18. Today the business is part of the Midcounties Co-operative and provides landline, mobile telephone and Internet services, including broadband.

19. Telnor, or Teléfonos del Noroeste ("Telephones of the Northwest") is a company providing telephone and internet services since 1981 (DSL through Prodigy and E1).

20. The town is covered by mobile telephone and internet services (4G services) provided by several public and private telecommunication companies.

21. As the company rolled out its own latest-generation network across its regions, users started to enjoy its TV, telephone and Internet services.

22. ISPs that provide xDSL: Packages include TV, Telephone and Internet services.

23. Rwandatel was founded in 1993 as a government parastatal to provide telephone and internet services, including local telephony and long-distance service.

24. Increasingly these are integrated with telephone and Internet services.

25. Burlington Telecom is a municipal telecommunications company providing residents of Burlington, Vermont with television, telephone and internet services.

26. The Commission regulates TV broadcasting, Radio broadcasting, fixed/mobile telephone and internet services.

27. Local residents currently own an antenna for wireless telephone and internet services for Litewire in the village.

28. In Chiapas, public buildings were evacuated, and telephone and internet services were interrupted.

29. With the advent of cellphones and the Internet a separate or integrated SDU can be used to offer telephone and Internet services to passengers.

30. Telecommunications: Telephone and Internet services are distributed by the National Broadband Network using their 'Fixed Wireless' methodology.