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teleost in a sentence

1. Viviparity is relatively rare and is found in about 6% of teleost species;

2. A polyploidy event occurred within the stem lineage of the teleost fishes.

3. In addition, the lower jaw of the teleost is reduced to just three bones;

4. Teleost diversity becomes low at extremely high latitudes;

5. At the juvenile stage, a teleost looks more like its adult form.

6. It is a member of the subfamily Osteoglossinae, a (basal) teleost group.

7. In some teleost fish, the lips may be modified to carry sensitive barbels.

8. Ostariophysi is the second largest teleost superorder.

9. The Elopomorpha are a group of teleost fishes and are separated into:

10. MCH was initially discovered in the teleost fish;

11. Teleost was used to complete an abbreviated version of the survey.

12. The genus is one of the earliest recognized teleost genera.

13. Preferred prey types seem to be teleost fish and cephalopods.

14. This LCR is also conserved in teleost fishes including zebrafish.

15. Seahorses are members of the family Syngnathidae, and are teleost fishes.

16. Homologs of interferon-gamma are found in birds, frogs, and teleost fish.

17. It is only observed in reptiles and teleost fish.

18. They prey mostly on teleost, cephalopods, elasmobranchs, and decapods.

19. CCGS Teleost is a Canadian Coast Guard fisheries research vessel.

20. Teleost is of a large commercial stern fishing trawler design.

21. The winning selection was the teleost, a type of bony fish.

22. Teleost entered service with the Canadian Coast Guard in 1996.

23. Teleost is equipped with several types of laboratories.

24. Betanodaviruses affect teleost fish.

25. This enzyme is present in teleost fish Oryzias latipes.

26. Teleost hatching enzyme may refer to:

27. This enzyme is present in teleost fish Oryzias latipes.

28. Teleost fish, and perhaps lizards also radiated.

29. In most teleost fishes it is the saccular macula that responds to sound.

30. Euteleosteomorpha is a cohort of teleost fish.