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telecommunications engineering in a sentence

1. Coherence length is important in holography and telecommunications engineering.

2. In telecommunications engineering, this is a broadband signaling technique.

3. Engineering began at KMITL in 1960 with a course on telecommunications engineering.

4. He studied electronics and telecommunications engineering at the SDM College of Engineering and Technology in Dharwad.

5. Telecommunications Engineering.

6. This facility belongs to the Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron (ATESS) based at Trenton.

7. He followed this up with a Telecommunications Engineering Certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles.

8. TelecomBCN is one of the largest telecommunications engineering schools in Spain.

9. After graduating from high school with an Abitur, he studied telecommunications engineering in Karlsruhe until 1966.

10. Telecommunications engineering also overlaps with broadcast engineering.

11. Publication of the POEEJ then ceased in favour of a new journal, British Telecommunications Engineering.

12. The School of Engineering at San Sebastián began offering a degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2000–2001.

13. In 2008–2009 Bioengineering was added to the list of specialisations in Telecommunications Engineering.

14. Schreyer started to study electronic and telecommunications engineering at the Technical University of Berlin in 1934.

15. "Dimension 5" is a festival conducted by the department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

16. Headquartered in Viseu, Visabeira began its activity in 1980 within the telecommunications engineering sector.

17. Stefano Levialdi graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires in 1959.

18. Engineering, Software Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering programs.

19. Télécom Saint-Etienne is a French grande école in the field of telecommunications engineering.

20. He received his diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in 1981 from Delhi University.

21. In optical engineering and telecommunications engineering, the flick is a unit of spectral radiance.

22. Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science &

23. Nuria graduated with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 1994.

24. Mazzarella has an associate's degree in telecommunications engineering.

25. She graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Mumbai University.

26. He attended the Higher Technical Institute HTL in Vienna for Telecommunications Engineering.

27. Dr Nike Folayan MBE (born 1978) is a Chartered Engineer and a Telecommunications Engineering Consultant.

28. Islamic Law, mass communication, telecommunications engineering and ICT.

29. She studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Technical University of Valencia, graduating in 2007.

30. Arzoo studied electronics and telecommunications engineering.