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1 Before the bubble fully burst, Peck found another job as the marketing manager at a small software-development company called SDSol Technologies.
2 Google acknowledges that it is trying to prod the industry into building better networks so that Americans can have access to technologies that need more bandwidth.
3 Ability to gain market share, technologies, or a foothold in a new area of business or geographical market via merger with or acquisition of another company.
4 In industries such as telecommunications, technology, and financial services, companies acquire market share, technologies, or market entry by acquisition, rather than by internal development.
5 AS with the other hardware replication technologies, although the IASP is not accessible on the backup node while its actively replicating, the node itself is available to do other work.
6 They urged expanding expertise in the field of health technologies, in particular medical devices, and requested WHO to take specific actions to support Member States.
7 There are links to information about all of these technologies in the Resources section.
8 Cultures select and shape technologies, not the other way around, and some societies have rejected or ignored even the gun or the wheel.
9 Prior to the availability of enterprise searching technologies, many organizations attempted a more structured approach to both information storage and searching.
10 These technologies allow a World Wide Web site to be as rich and interactive as an action game, a multimedia encyclopedia or a productivity application.
11 Perhaps as we integrate these new technologies we can focus not so much on how similar they are to our existing practices, but rather on how they differ.
12 Are the ethical debates about technological change keeping pace with the development of new technologies?
13 But on Monday NYSE Technologies abandoned the profit motive and open sourced MAMA.
14 These obsolete technologies didn't get the memo - maybe because someone wrote it on a typewriter and faxed it to them.
15 This will include support for existing and emerging security technologies from such organizations as W3C and OASIS.
16 But at the same time it is talking a green game and showing off new fuel-sipping technologies.
17 But if we burn coal in the 21st century using 20th century technologies, our air will be foul and disruptions to our climate will threaten us all.
18 It mainly includes the technologies of removing organic sulfur from coal, gasifying coal and in liquefying coal.
19 We believe that these core principles are rooted in the belief that cloud computing should be as open as all other IT technologies.
20 However, last 10 years accumulated huge amount of technologies coming from the web and consumer web space.
21 In almost a century's development, Citron have been building products with excellent performance employing the most advanced technologies.
22 purpose of this article is to summarize these features and guide you in understanding how DB2 technologies can be used to build highly available database systems.
23 One of the most promising Marine energy technologies is the tidal turbine, which was advocated in Manchester by Peter Fraenkel of Marine Current Turbines (MCT).
24 Business intelligence (BI) refers to technologies that are used for reporting and analyzing data, including recognizing trends and patterns, to make better strategic business decisions.
25 The development and transfer of feed, slaughter and processing technologies have increased safety and efficiency, but favour large-scale units rather than small-scale producers.
26 I think the sensible response is to accept that this burst of growth will continue for some while yet and that it is normal and natural for the benefits of new technologies to spread around the world.
27 Some of these mines are hideous, and they are one of the many reasons why we should urgently develop new reactor technologies which sharply reduce the need for fresh supplies.
28 This is just one example of many "disruptive technologies" that would provide us with cheap and easy access to space.
29 We should increase input in agriculture, develop advanced technologies, curb market speculation, increase food assistance and intensify cooperation in agriculture and food.
30 Our primary mission is to lead and guide our customers, but we risked letting that role slip away as our customers became more adept with the tools and technologies than we were.