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tear ducts in a sentence

1. He also knew of the tear ducts.

2. As well as issues with the tear ducts, sinus problems can also occur.

3. CS has less effect on animals due to "under-developed tear-ducts and protection by fur".

4. For example, sea turtles and saltwater crocodiles remove excess salt from their bodies through their tear ducts.

5. as well as corneal scratches, foreign bodies in the eye, and blocked tear ducts.

6. The lack of tear ducts to drain secretions to the nasal passages contribute to the harp seals "eye rings" on land.

7. In each eye, there are two puncta – little openings that drain tears into the tear ducts.

8. There are methods to partially or completely close the tear ducts.

9. In humans, the tear ducts in males tend to be larger than the ones in females.

10. To accommodate the inset lenses her tear ducts have been re-routed to her mouth;

11. Decreased space may also lead to abnormal or missing tear ducts and nerve damage.

12. 'I just have hairtrigger tear ducts, and always/at all the wrong things: supermarket openings;

13. Fosh females have preternaturally developed tear ducts, used for mating purposes on their homeworld.

14. Some theories suggest mammalian tear ducts and sweat glands may be evolutionarily related to salt glands.

15. Giddens predicted Porte's exit within the storyline would give Paul's tear ducts "a workout".

16. In facial wounds, tear ducts and nerves of the face may be damaged.

17. Adults are usually found in the eyelids, tear glands, tear ducts, or the so-called "third eyelid" (nictitating membrane).

18. Such a blockage is a common problem among elderly people, as the tear ducts can narrow or get blocked easily.

19. The same condition is also present in newborn babies, as their tear ducts don't open until some time after birth.

20. and the Radio Times concluded that the film "effectively opens the tear ducts".

21. The area between tear ducts and the mouth is buff to black.

22. for example, Le Chiffre suffered haemolacria, causing his tear ducts to weep blood.

23. Some eyes are “female”, i.e. almond-shaped and without tear-ducts.

24. Me, I didn't cry, though at times my tear ducts tingled;

25. Will catch at your heart and loosen your tear ducts.

26. Rare symptoms include microphthalmos (abnormally small eyes), tear ducts in the wrong location and a high-arched palate.

27. Rianne Houghton from Digital Spy was also positive about the song, and said: "Gird your loins, and your tear ducts 1D fans!

28. The worm starts its life cycle by laying eggs in the tears and tear ducts of the host and the eggs are picked up by the flies.

29. The beast in the above photo never actually “cries crocodile tears”, because they do not have tear ducts, and cannot weep.

30. Bichons are sometimes found to have very small tear ducts or to have tear ducts that are blocked.