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taxing in a sentence

1. One method was taxing the pilgrims.

2. Filming proved to be taxing for Winslet.

3. Local governments have limited taxing authority.

4. In 1914, it became a special taxing area.

5. RPCs and EDCs have no taxing or regulatory authority.

6. This is called "taxing" the nyumba.

7. Taxing Wages 2006/2007: 2007 Edition, OECD.

8. taxing one locale for the benefit of another;

9. taxing power limited and uniformity of taxation.

10. It's really, really taxing".

11. taxing the landowners and businesses;

12. The agency has no taxing power.

13. Searching twenty fields was a taxing experience.

14. The regional councils have no taxing authority;

15. Who was a cruel ruler, heavily taxing Armenians.

16. Millions could be made by taxing beer.

17. Iowa has more than 2,000 taxing authorities.

18. It's immensely rewarding without ever being taxing."

19. however, there is a plea for taxing headscarves.

20. taxing healthcare benefits paid for by employers;

21. It was a very taxing day."

22. Hunger and poverty were taxing them.

23. He also advocated for taxing churches.

24. It has no taxing power.

25. The regional councils have no taxing authority;

26. However, this can be taxing on a cell.

27. Adamowski portrayed Daley as a heavy-taxing liberal.

28. Is there a good rationale for taxing the uninsured?

29. City living can be taxing.

30. Taxing individuals poses less of a dilemma.