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No. sentence
1 Those who are willing to go with me for the task subscribe here.
2 During engagements, however, practitioners go directly to their local playbook to quickly access the information they need in order to perform a given activity or task in the engagement cycle.
3 In order to meet the urgent needs of the four modernizations, improving the teaching quality is a task which Brooks no delay.
4 In this case the people it matches are those who have a task that needs doing, and those willing to perform it.
5 How do I create and schedule a task that would check weekly for a new SP release (for example, every Thursday at 3:00 am)?
6 To do this task, you implement methods in the lifecycle interface.
7 If you start a manual test, then walk off to talk to someone or to finish another task, you're not being mindful of any unexpected results or timing problems that test uncovers.
8 This leaves time in each task for the manual delivery of the paper.
9 Finally, I identify the strengths of each tool to help you decide which is best for your computational task or data visualization.
10 Hareton's chest heaved in silence a minute: he laboured under a severe sense of mortification and wrath, which it was no easy task to suppress.
11 If the task does not exist in the new version, you cannot migrate to that process version.
12 By creating what I call a "story goal," you are actually giving yourself a task — something to do.
13 These task force nominees were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest, approved by the APA Board of Trustees, and announced in 2007.
14 Instead of seeing my job as being an on-off task, I gave it more depth.
15 They cannibalized three aircraft carriers and a number of warships to form a task force.
16 a nutshell, you choose a task, focus on doing only that for 25 minutes, and then take a 5-minute break.
17 For example, you can ask the VM to run an application to download and install the new software build automatically after system start by setting USR_CFG_APP in the VM deployment task.
18 But soon his search becomes more haphazard as he despairs at the magnitude of the task.
19 Don't let work in other fields black out our central task.
20 Don't stress minor issues at the expense of the central task.
21 As we described before, each human task consists of an input and an output message, which the HTML form must also reflect.
22 No one is saying whether they volunteered or were ordered to take on the task.
23 She breezed through the task.
24 When task force agents interrogate one of the thieves nabbed with the Renoir, he tells them the whereabouts of the other, far more valuable painting snatched from the National museum: the Rembrandt.
25 You may use a notebook, a spreadsheet, or any other medium you want. Write down there whether or not you have done a task in a particular day.
26 Choose a small area or one drawer to get started and schedule time to complete the task.
27 This task is accomplished by great effort.
28 My last task at the end of the month is to find all the missing pieces to the kids' board games, a massive operation that involves bookshelf moving and rug lifting.
29 After all, what could be more urgent than making sure our national security safety net is up to the task of saving lives?
30 Humans excel at extracting meaning and sentiment from even the tiniest snippets of text, a task that stumps machines.