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target practice in a sentence

1. Kites were also used for anti-aircraft target practice.

2. using the vessel for target practice;

3. They then used him as target practice.

4. German soldiers used the walls of E-1027 for target practice.

5. and conducted target practice at Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

6. He had taken the gun out and used it for target practice.

7. and carried out target practice in Tampa Bay.

8. the rest will be phased out or used for target practice.

9. Target practice is not allowed within the park boundaries.

10. Participants also undergo target practice with an M16 rifle.

11. This included rifle target practice as well as pistol training.

12. A hill near the village was used for target practice for tanks.

13. Target tugs are towed in the air for military target practice.

14. Soldiers would use the monkeys for target practice.

15. Target practice occupied most of his idle time.

16. Target practice continued at the park until 1935.

17. Skeet target practice range.

18. The series deals with sharpshooting and target practice.

19. In addition, Shuko remixed the song "Target Practice".

20. Later she was used as target practice.

21. Target Practice received moderate praise from critics.

22. Regular target practice took place at the Fort Needham range.

23. The target practice projectile contains no explosive;

24. He is trained in Karate, target practice, track and field, etc.

25. Saetta was used only for target practice at sea.

26. Maddi uses one shell for target practice before leaving the home.

27. Imagination Some People Target Practice Jerusalem

28. it is just me engaging in target practice".

29. In the desert, Jonathan takes target practice with a rifle.

30. Dominic whitford was target practice?