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No. sentence
1 Who has taken my dictionary away?
2 Nobody that we have dealt with has ever taken as much time to understand the subtlety of the science and all the different complications and what it all means as Al Gore.
3 This is a media summit, a contest of ideas, and my thoughts should be taken in the spirit of that contest.
4 The finance minister cautions action should not be taken based on the daily gyrations of the Mumbai stock market.
5 The second call is at Butterworth, the mainland port that looks across to the island of Penang; here, travellers are taken across the straits to visit the island.
6 The children should be taken good care of.
7 Acknowledging that they will not be able to stop the Roma from coming straight back, French officials have taken fingerprints in order to make sure such returnees do not receive any more handouts.
8 If he had never dropped out in collage, he would have never taken that calligraphy class, and might not have the wonderful typography that they do today.
9 We've also taken on new responsibilities: I started volunteering at the city's animal shelter, and my husband has been volunteering for a nonprofit art gallery.
10 The exterior shots were taken in Bermuda.
11 The sheep were taken abroad where they were butchered for meat.
12 He has also taken a personal and professional interest in ways to combat the traffic problems that bring Auckland to a crawl and cost an estimated $1 billion a year in lost productivity.
13 to fool a bank is your birth date and us social security number, or just discarded credit card offer junk mail taken from your bin.
14 We have taken the broadcast on a tape.
15 This picture was taken by my brother as he went to Yunnan.
16 Dry tobacco waits to be taken to market.
17 In Fanch 'eng I learned the truth of the old adage, "Poverty is a state of mind." While visiting a commune, we were taken to see the peasants' houses.
18 I was badly taken in when I bought that second-hand television set.
19 My position was taken from me on the opening. In other words, I was completely screwed.
20 When we got back home after our trip the third summer — a five-week Odyssey that took us from New York to Washington State and back — we hung a map highlighting routes we'd taken in Marcus's room.
21 She could have taken it off and laid it on her lap and stroked it. She felt a tingling in her hands and arms.
22 These images were taken directly from photographs of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who fought in the conflict.
23 He has taken up stamp-collecting as a hobby.
24 But the real catastrophe, as I argued last week, is the risk taken on by the gamblers working legally inside the machine.
25 Inflation has vanished from view, though it could be lurking beyond the horizon due to measures taken to tackle the recession.
26 This photo of the towers was taken during wintertime.
27 momentarily taken aback by the proposal but then picked up a basketball, strode up to the free-throw line, dribbled twice and coolly made the shot.
28 Only a madman could have taken such a gamble.
29 firm has taken more than 500 bets in recent months on which volcano will erupt next.
30 However, you may not have taken the time to think about how they might be implemented in your operating system.