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No. sentence
1 The bottom line of these debated tactics would be this: anonymity would be banned in public; it would require that one be public in public.
2 Sure, some battles may turn into disorganized fire-fights. But, on the whole, wars are fought (and won!) by those armies with command of war strategy and battlefield tactics.
3 But its tactics have enraged competitors, who complain their new rival is out to destroy the economics of entire industries.
4 Bicycling tactics call for a rider to let someone else lead for most of the race day, then come from behind to grab the win.
5 I have some concern when you write about "the tactics this man used" with you, though, because it sounds as if you or the authors of the book think that he was deliberately abusing you.
6 Still not convinced, the staff called in a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and a sniffer dog, but the parcel was later found to contain Asian pears.
7 yet Japanese investors are also beginning to show an activist streak, helping to legitimise the foreigners' objectives if not their tactics.
8 metamorphoses, tactics, and strategies of the object exceed the subject's understanding.
9 The tobacco industry uses increasingly creative tactics to boost the sale of its products.
10 His opponent couldn't stand up to his varied and fast-changing tactics.
11 We still talk about teams, players and tactics every day.
12 tactics are to threaten family members if a victim does not comply or, as in Flores's case, to use blackmail.
13 as they welcome his promise to repeal "don't ask, don't tell", they are dismayed by the stately pace and bungled tactics of his attempts to do so.
14 Mr Watson too named family reasons for going, but he was also embroiled in the expenses scandal and reportedly complicit in Brownite smear tactics.
15 In this new kind of information warfare, offensive tactics most often are classified, yet defensive approaches are the subjects of much discussion, debate, and attention.
16 Because of the congressional desire for big ideas, he said, traditional lobbying tactics like seeking help from old friends do not necessarily work.
17 Such forecasts might just be lobbying tactics.
18 shifting tactics of the Americans can be seen as well in the reports, as the war strategy veered from freely using force to trying to minimize civilian casualties.
19 Such tactics cannot be contemplated in a country as mountainous and rural as Afghanistan.
20 But so far his presidency has been vitiated by a combination of incompetence and a willingness to fall back on the very tactics that he denounced as a candidate.
21 Tactics differs from strategy.
22 Of course I wonder if happiness tactics that come from someone elsecan ever stick.
23 I think it will also point to areas where we can do better and can make improvements in our strategy and tactics," he said.
24 We need to agree tactics before the game.
25 These tactics and others, like selling things in bundles rather than individually, all exploit differences in people’s sensitivity to price.
26 your blog different and standing out or are you using the same tactics as every other blogger?
27 tactics against Iran mix threats with engagement.
28 of fines or harsh collection tactics - and we could potentially do that - could essentially restrict people's access to the library.
29 In software development, this is sometimes made more difficult because, while the fundamental principles are the same for all projects, the tactics (or execution) are modified to specific situations.
30 Foreign troops have responded with airstrikes and raids in more remote areas, but the tactics have also led to hundreds of civilian deaths.