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1 has also shed light on the genetic basis of the synthesis of oil, flavonoids, antioxidants, hormones, pigments and aromas.
2 You should be capable of acquiring and applying knowledge at varying levels of abstraction simultaneously as well as creating new concepts through synthesis and invention.
3 As the fish moves, feeds, and excretes waste, it plays a key role in the cycle of carbon synthesis and degradation.
4 He talked about how to produce medicine by synthesis.
5 study focused on the preparation conditions of the Lanthanum with L-Threonine, including synthesis, feed ratio, temperature, acidity and time.
6 The success of the synthesis of the PEG TEFE silane was confirmed with (1)H NMR and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
7 discoveries of new molecules in the syrup also provide chemists with leads that could prompt synthesis of medications to fight other diseases.
8 The mature spliced mRNA is then exported to the cytoplasm where it ACTS as a template for protein synthesis.
9 Synthesis, not analysis, he said, "is the very essence of management", and the MBA course teaches only analysis.
10 safe to have the synthesis templates take a callable builtin type or an MPL sequence as the first template argument?
11 I'm sitting in a Toyota Prius, testing out the new HALOsonic External Sound Synthesis technology, which could both save lives and liven up the morning commute no end.
12 These predictions led D. M. Yost (with student A. L. Kaye) to attempt (in 1933) a xenon fluoride synthesis.
13 The researchers next hope to find out exactly how the high pressures are inducing the synthesis of more carotenoids. Pascalization may give food scientists plenty to chew over.
14 A primitive RNA might have catalysed the synthesis of phospholipids, but what advantage would phospholipids have conferred on primordial cells?
15 this Synthesis that I think we're seeing more and more of in the blogosphere at present as people combine blogs with other types of websites (forums, video, audio, job boards, chat rooms etc).
16 circuit functions are verified with altera FPGA chips and the results of the verification and its ASIC synthesis with Synopsys DC are given.
17 The synthesis of estrogen is catalyzed by aromatase.
18 The optimum condition for synthesis of ethyl acetate catalyzed by expansible graphite was investigated through orthogonal test.
19 synthesis of feruloylated monoacylglycerol catalyzed by P-Toluene sulfonic acid was investigated.
20 But still they are different sects, and that's related to the question of the synthesis among those four ingredients of medieval love, which still exist as ingredients in Catholic theology.
21 Interference with synthesis or release of Hgb, production or survival of RBC, or metabolism causes disease.
22 synthesis and molecular structure of the similarinsulin vanadium complex by the means of IR, NMR, element analysis and XRay diffraction are reported.
23 Three standard numerical atlases database for dimensional synthesis of four-bar linkage mechanism, and the dimensional synthesis of four-bar linkage mechanism is solved completely.
24 Objective to present an effective on line SRS time history waveform synthesis method for simulating pyrotechnic shock environment with electrodynamic shakers.
25 Over time, however, collagen deteriorates, elastin loses its spring, and the body's synthesis of both decreases.
26 But there are those that worry about the proliferation of gene synthesis.
27 The female hormone of soybean isoflavones is affecting on hormone secretion, metabolic biology activity, protein synthesis, growth factors activity, is the natural cancer chemoprevention agent.
28 technology to direct synthesis of these agents, such as Bt, to specific tissues is known and under development but not yet perfected.
29 Thus, the odd mix of rustic savvy and advanced technology displayed in the pages of The Whole Earth Catalog was not confusion but synthesis.
30 The catalyzing and templating function of protamine involved in the synthesis of the nanoparticle composite was discussed, and a mechanism was tentatively proposed.