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No. sentence
1 The artist Salvador Dali is synonymous with surrealism.
2 I understood art to be synonymous with drawing well.
3 In their minds, effort is synonymous with discomfort.
4 The Orient Express, which began operating in the 1880s, was a name that became synonymous with luxury rail service and the intrigue of exotic lands.
5 Getting fit" became synonymous not just with healthier living, but with a leaner, meaner body, and the ground was laid for a burgeoning gym industry.
6 The notices at CVS serve as a stark reproof to Johnson & Johnson, whose brands have for more than a century been synonymous with quality.
7 Desperation, death and destruction are synonymous with Sudan.
8 Some supporters of Bersih, which means clean in Malay, were arrested because they wore yellow shirts, the color synonymous with the group.
9 Plastic has become synonymous with cheap and worthless, when in fact those chains of hydrocarbons ought to be regarded as among the most valuable substances on the planet.
10 Since releasing the first T1 in 2001, XRAY has become synonymous with quality, workmanship, performance, and luxury in the RC world.
11 This has been a public-relations nightmare for Toyota, as its brand name has been synonymous with quality and reliability.
12 With the OBEX session now in place, I am able to send requests (please note that requests and operations are synonymous) to the OBEX server.
13 For 15 or so years, Apple and Steve Jobs have once again been whole - practically synonymous.
14 ISPs, private companies and public institutions have relied on its switches and routers so much that the San Jose company's name might as well be synonymous with the Net's infrastructure.
15 Yet whereas Bauhaus has become synonymous with a certain modern style—streamlined, geometric, abstract, minimalist—this does not tell the whole story.
16 Milken will always be synonymous with the term ”junk bond king.
17 Just as Cadillac used to be synonymous with luxury and BMW with sportiness, Toyota was a byword for quality and reliability.
18 Some even thought that globalization and Americanization were virtually synonymous.
19 Safe" and "stuck" don't have to be synonymous.
20 Modularity and SOA are not synonymous and the results of this and SOA driven by ITIL V3 governance are very different animals.
21 Then doing good becomes synonymous with doing well.
22 Tengzhong's chief executive, Yang, Yi, described Hummer as a name "synonymous with adventure, freedom and exhilaration".
23 In some societies, the term "redhead" is synonymous with hard-headedness, even being mentally challenged.
24 Mud is synonymous with shame.
25 Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is identical with the persistence of the _i_.
26 of infamy, made in China must become synonymous with quality.
27 To some, Open Source and Open Standards have become synonymous.
28 the firm, synonymous with chunky gold jewellery encrusted with gemstones, expects its performance in 2009 to be even worse than last year.
29 Your short-term goals are very important because they are synonymous with action.
30 The film certainly has all the ingredients for a classic tale of intrigue, hubris and family infighting: the Gucci name has often been synonymous with fiery behaviour alongside enormous wealth.